Surprise Your Gamer Dad With These Awesome Gaming Gifts This Father's Day

Gamer dads tend to be easier to shop for than most, which can make Father's Day a whole lot simpler.

They usually have a game or two on their wish lists, and even when they don't, many are happy with T-shirts and merch repping their very favorite games. Of course, sometimes you don't just want to get stuff that'll remind them of their beloved titles, but that will improve their gaming experience, too. That's why we've collected a list of some of the best gaming gifts around to impress your gamer dad this holiday.

E-WIN Knight Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair: $229

No matter how your dad games, a great gamer chair is a must-have accessory that he can wheel in front of the TV or to his PC (and even keep it there as an office chair when he's not invested in a game). E-WIN's Knight Series Ergonomic Gaming Chairs are a great option because they're more affordable than most while looking sleek in various color schemes. Most importantly, they're comfy and supportive, with a foam head pillow and lumbar cushion to keep him going through long gaming sessions.

E-WIN Knight Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

(via E-WIN)


Dream Controller Portal Inspired Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers: $139.99

Whether your dad's current set of Joy-Cons for his Nintendo Switch is drifting or he just needs a bit of a change-up, he'll love a set of custom Joy-Con controllers with graphics added through water transfer printing from Dream Controller. They have dozens and dozens of design options available, so you can find the one he'd love most, but we think these Portal-inspired ones are especially awesome.

Dream Controller Portal Inspired Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

(via Dream Controller)


Satisfye Zengrip Pro Diablo Red Edition: $44.99

If your dad's hands cramp when he plays too much Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, the Satisfye Zengrip Pro is here to save his joints. It's a plastic device he can snap his Nintendo Switch into (whether he has the original or OLED model) to add comfy grips that make it way more suitable for bigger hands. It's designed specifically so it'll never scratch the Switch or prevent airflow, and this Diablo Red Edition is eye-catching while also coming with RYZE Performance Thumb Grips to make it even comfier to play.

Satisfye Zengrip Pro Diablo Red Edition

(via Satisfye)


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Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers: $99.98

If your dad hasn't bought The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom yet for his Nintendo Switch, you'll both save loads of money with these Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers. For just $99.98, it'll give him access to two full-price mainline Nintendo Switch titles, and since the $69.99 Tears of the Kingdom is eligible, that means he's basically getting his next $60 Switch title for just $30.

Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers

(via Nintendo)


PS5 DualSense Charging Station: $29.99

Dads who love their PlayStation 5s will know that 12 to 15 hours of battery life on their DualSense controllers during gaming can feel like nothing when he's deep in the game. Plugging and unplugging via USB cable can be tedious, and there's only one front USB port, which is why we vastly prefer charging with the official DualSense Charging Station. It can wirelessly charge up to two controllers at a time and is small and sleek when it's not in use, making it a win-win.

PS5 DualSense Charging Station

(via PlayStation)


PlayStation Icons Lights: $26.95

Few symbols are more iconic and instantly recognizable than PlayStation's triangle, circle, X and square, and if your dad's an OG PlayStation devotee, get him these cool lights to rep his love and make his gamer setup twice as cool.

PlayStation Icons Lights

(via PlayStation Gear)


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Logitech G G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard: $69.99

Of course, if your dad's into PC gaming, he's going to need a different set of peripherals entirely. Upgrade his desk setup from whatever old keyboard he also uses for work to a great keyboard made just for gaming, like this G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard from Logitech G. It's designed for enhanced performance with an aluminum chassis, sleek black keys and red backlighting, and the clickiness of the mechanical keys makes every movement and selection way more satisfying.

Logitech G G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard

(via Logitech G)


Lamzu Atlantis OG: $91.99

There's something about the movement of the Lamzu Atlantis OG mouse that makes it feel tailor-made for first-person shooters, so if your dad's an FPS fan, he'll also adore this mouse. It's light yet super sturdy, with a comfy grip, clicks registering in an instant and responsive movement to take his sniping skills to the next level.

Lamzu Atlantis OG

(via Lamzu)


HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset: $89.02

Sure, your dad can game using his old EarPods, but the Cloud Alpha Wireless headset from HyperX will help him really get into the game. This pair is lightweight and compatible with every modern gaming platform, as well as computers, while featuring comfy earpads and delivering crystal-clear sound. For games where listening closely is important, these headphones can make a world of difference.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

(via HyperX)


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HyperX x P.L.A.Y. Toy Collab: $37.50

And for the dad who loves games and his dog, you'll want to pair those HyperX headphones with these adorable dog toys inspired by various HyperX products. The set includes squeaky dog toy versions of a keyboard, podcast microphone and headphones so that dad and his pup can be twins.

HyperX x P.L.A.Y. Toy Collab

(via P.L.A.Y.)


Tiny Arcade Tetris: $19.99

And for a tiny tabletop decoration that's also fully playable, check out this Tiny Arcade version of Tetris. It's under four inches tall, with a backlit  1.5-inch screen, but features a working version of the original Tetris arcade game within, played with a joystick and two buttons and complete with classic arcade sounds.

Tiny Arcade Tetris

(via Tetris)


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