Garcia Nevett's Indulgent Chocolate Box Is the Ultimate Grown-Up Easter Basket

With the arrival of spring—and Easter—rapidly approaching, all of us at Sweety High have sweets on the mind.

While I'd never turn my nose up at the classic store-bought candies, I'always down to investigate the high-end options as well. So when the folks at the Miami-based chocolatier Garcia Nevett asked if I'd be interested in sampling their wares ahead of the holiday, I was more than happy to say yes.

They very generously sent me the brand's Experience Box, featuring a bundle of deliciously tempting chocolate treats, and I can say that it truly was an experience to behold.

The Box

Garcia Nevett founders Susana and Isabel Garcia Nevett are sisters with a passion for chocolate. The award-winning chocolatiers learned their craft in France, as well as their native Venezuela, and are now sharing their incredible skills from their adopted home of Miami.

Garcia Nevett experience box

(via Garcia Nevett)

The Garcia Nevett Experience Box is a curated package featuring a wide sampling of the brand's sweetest offerings, perfect for winning over new fans. That includes a Large Deluxe Box of their assorted bonbons, three bags of their chocolate Artisan Discs in different flavors, a jar of Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce, a canister of their Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix and a bag of hand-rolled, French-style truffles. The box retails for $120.

Garcia Nevett experience box contents

(via Garcia Nevett)


The Experience

Drinking Chocolate

I started my Garcia Nevett experience with the Drinking Chocolate, made with the brand's signature 60% Venezuelan hot chocolate, with a bit of brown sugar and sea salt to round out the flavor. It came in a tin containing nine oz. of strong, sweet-smelling chocolate crumbles.

For two servings, the directions asked me to simmer one cup of water or milk before adding half a cup of the mix and whisking the mixture until smooth, and I definitely had to share to drink it all down! The resulting hot chocolate was so chocolatey and rich that drinking the whole cup would be far too much.

In fact, it was so chocolatey I might even recommend lowering the amount of chocolate per serving for a slightly less filling but still satisfying cocoa, while stretching the high-quality chocolate even further! If you're curious, you can also buy a can for $14 on its own in the Garcia Nevett shop.

Garcia Nevett drinking chocolate

(via Garcia Nevett)


Fleur de Sel Caramel

While this jar of Fleur de Sel Caramel isn't technically chocolate, it was one of the items in the box I was most excited to try. This gooey, buttery caramel is sweet with just the right amount of salt for balance, and it's a dream spread over vanilla ice cream, or as a dip for apple slices and other fresh fruit. This coveted sauce retails for $12—when it's not sold out, that is.

Garcia Nevett Fleur de Sel caramel

(via Garcia Nevett)


Large Deluxe Truffles

In my opinion, this 25-count box of chocolates was the star of the show. Garcia Nevett has 22 unique varieties of truffle available, and this box contained a random assortment of those flavors.

Garcia Nevett assorted bonbons mix

From the rich, latte-flavored Kochere Coffee truffle to the marmalade-filled Orange Honey Caramel to the slightly bitter, earth Matcha truffle, there was something new and unique in every single bite. The Café de Hacienda blended coffee flavoring with fruity dark chocolate, the Caramel Fondue won me over in an instant with its gooey filling of sweet salted caramel and the Ocumare was bitter dark Venezuelan ganache at its finest. I also loved the spice of the Tupelo Honey and Cardamom, the bite of the Champagne truffle and the sweet yet tangy jelly filling of the Passion Fruit bonbon. Anís y Papelón introduced me to an entirely different side of fennel, while their signature 60% Venezuelan dark chocolate ganache made my mouth water just like the hot chocolate mix had. There wasn't a single truffle in the box I regretted scarfing down.

If there was one downside, it's that the box was a mix, so that some of the flavors that sounded super tasty (like the Dulce de Leche and Brown Butter Crunch) weren't randomly included in my box. While I don't believe the Experience Box allows for custom orders, you can definitely leave notes for your preferred flavors when you order a box individually. It sells for $48.

Garcia Nevett bonbons

(via Garcia Nevett)


Hand-rolled French-Style Truffles

These messy yet delicious truffles are for serious chocolate lovers only. They're coated in a bitter chocolate powder that gets absolutely everywhere, and the centers are soft, sweet chocolate that's so rich you'll only need to eat one to get your fill. It seems they're not currently available if you want to order them individually. If you want to try these, you'll have to go for the full Experience Box!


Artisan Discs

While Garcia Nevett actually has six varieties of chocolate Artisan Discs available, the three kinds they sent in the Experience Box were the Milk Chocolate Puffed Rice, Dark Chocolate Pistachios and Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib. Each one is a thin, round disc of chocolate embedded with tasty ingredients which add texture and flavor to the treat.

The Milk Chocolate Puffed Rice discs, for example, have a beautifully crisp texture, and the milk chocolate is bright with the flavor of sweet, warm cinnamon. With the Dark Chocolate Pistachios, the not-too-dark chocolate works well to complement the nutty, earthy flavor of the pistachios with a tasty dose of salt, while the Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs discs celebrate every aspect of the cocoa bean with bitterness as well as sweetness. These bags also sell for $7.99 each at Garcia Nevett.

Garcia Nevett artisan discs

(via Garcia Nevett)


Bottom Line

If you love chocolate in all of its forms, I don't think you're going to have any problem finding flavors you absolutely love from Garcia Nevett. It's clear in everything they create that the brand has a strong understanding of flavor, as well as elegance, and everything's just as delicious as you'd imagine it.

Of course, luxury doesn't come cheap. This $120 box of chocolates isn't within every budget, and won't be for everyone. But if you're looking for something that even the pickiest parent will enjoy right alongside you, Garcia Nevett has your number.


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