Gavin Haley Reveals the Communication Breakdown Behind His New Track 'Cliche'

If you've ever been in a relationship with someone and felt like you were on completely different pages, you have to listen to Gavin Haley's new track "Cliche."

In Gavin's first release since he concluded his recent tour with Tate McRae, he takes a different approach to a communication breakdown between two people, addressing his problems head-on and owning them. The result is a smooth R&B track that's sure to be stuck in your head all weekend. We got the chance to chat with Gavin about the song the what it means to him—and you even pre-save his upcoming debut album, i hate you, Don't Leave Me HERE ahead of its release on July 15.

The Story Behind 'Cliche'

Gavin Haley: "Cliche" is about lack of communication in a relationship. One person wanting to grow through things when the other runs. In the past when writing about similar moments, I've taken a more emotional approach. With this song, I wanted the opposite. Rather than hiding from our issues, owning them and singing it with confidence. It's okay to be uncomfortable as long as you're reaching for better.


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What 'Cliche' Means

GH: This song was the start to me being vocal about the things I want and being confident with all sides of myself. I hope my listeners connect to somebody who's still trying to figure it out but not scared to say so.

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Gavin's Favorite Lyric

GH: "Look at you sideways, eight months of Mondays," the first line of the song. To me it's very visual and it's a story immediately. It puts you in the world right away

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i hate you, Don't Leave Me

GH: Push and pull. Being in love with somebody different than you. My album is very influenced by love. And different attachments, and about sharing my observations of moments and how they made me feel.

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