GAYLE Pokes Fun at People Who Try WAY Too Hard in New Single 'indieedgycool'

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter GAYLE may be best known for her mega-viral hit "abcdefu," but she's proven she's more than just a one-hit wonder, and her latest single, "indieedgycool" showcases a whole new side of the multifaceted artist.

The cool rock track manages to be playful yet biting, analyzing the people who try so hard to be cool and original that they wind up being anything but. It's also our first peek at GAYLE's next EP, a study of the human experience volume two, out Oct. 7. In October, she'll also be setting off on her "avoiding college tour"—but in the meantime, we got the chance to ask GAYLE all about "indieedgycool," its lyrics and the types of people who inspired the track.

The Story Behind 'indieedgycool'

GAYLE: Sometimes I can care too much about being cool, so I used to say the phrase "indieedgycool" to make fun of myself for caring. I had the idea to turn it into a song when I was at a party with a bunch of people I didn't like and I encountered people who I would consider "indieedgycool" kids in-person and on the internet, then wrote a song about it.


What 'indieedgycool' Means

GAYLE:  The song is a good reminder for me to not take things so seriously sometimes and just to be willing to laugh at myself and take others' opinions more lightheartedly. I hope people hearing the song can feel the same.

GAYLE indieedgycool cover art

("indieedgycool" via Atlantic Records)


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GAYLE's Favorite Lyric

GAYLE: "I don't do coke, yeah, I like to eat," because I think it's an absolutely ridiculous thing to say.

Gayle wearing flower print and corset

(Photo credit: Acacia Evans)


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