Which 'Geeky' Subscription Box Should You Purchase? We Have You Covered

There are literally thousands of subscription boxes out there promising to send awesome stuff to your doorstep every month, but obviously you can't try them all to find out which one is your perfect match. We're here to help!

We got this awesome Alice In Wonderland stuff in a Geek Chic Monthly subscription box

We checked out a dozen of the coolest companies specializing in geek, gamer and other niche subscription crates so we could share our findings — even if our findings are that we want to subscribe to all of them.

These notes will help you decide once and for all which of these is the box for you.

1Up Box

1up Box has awesome cute gamer gear monthly

How Much? $12.92 + $7 shipping & handling = $19.92 total

Our Box's Theme: RPG (or role-playing games, for the uninitiated)

The Haul:

  • A FunkoPOP! Vinyl figure of the amazing lady warrior Sylvanas from World of Warcraft

  • A cute-yet-fearsome viking pin

  • A Fallout-inspired holographic bookmark

  • Adorable emoji assassin stickers

  • A super comfy (and cute) T-shirt featuring a pirate fox battling it out with a ninja panda

Verdict: 1Up Box is the perfect subscription box for anyone who wants to rep their fave nerd fandoms in the most adorable way possible.

Every item in this box takes a sweet twist on an aspect of an awesome game, and the T-shirt is SO whimsical and original we plan to wear it at least once a week. Plus, it's one of the more affordable boxes out there, and totally worth the value.

Sign up for yours here!


Geek Fuel Box

We got this awesome TMNT, Nintendo and Sherlock stuff in this Geek Fuel box

How Much? $17.90 per month + $6 shipping & handling = $23.90 total

The Haul: 

  • A Steam download code for the super retro Bit Evolution platform game

  • A Pikachu temp tattoo

  • A Piranha Plant pipe-inspired planting pot, PLUS a voucher for free venus flytrap seeds

  • A Mario ink stamp

  • A "Turtle Trainer" Pokémon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover stress ball (we got Michelangelo!)

  • A limited edition copy of the Sherlock: A Study In Pink manga

  • An adorable "Big League Pikachew" t-shirt

Verdict: Comic and game lovers will be obsessed with Geek Fuel. The box comes with an awesome and original T-shirt that mashes up some of your favorite brands, plus some super practical pop culture items you'll actually use all the time.

We particularly love the Mario pipe planter, and the little Geek Fuel magazine even had a coupon inside for free venus flytrap seeds. We can't wait to plant our little carnivorous guys and watch them grow!

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Marvel Collector Corps Box

Marvel Collector Core box: Women of Power edition

How Much? $25 + $6.95 shipping & handling = $31.95 total

Our Box's Theme: Women of Power

The Haul: 

  • A fab Spider-Gwen graphic tee

  • A Spider-Woman Marvel Collector Corps pin

  • A Collector Corps patch featuring Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

  • Captain Marvel and She-Hulk Funko Mystery Minis

  • A copy of the Civil War II No. 1 comic featuring an exclusive cover with Pop! versions of Captain Marvel, Elektra, Spider-Woman, Valkyrie and Ms. Marvel

  • A totally exclusive Pop! bobblehead of Squirrel Girl, plus her squirrely companion, Tippy Toe

Verdict: We are fully living for Marvel Collector Corps—though we may be a little biased because of this month's Women of Power theme. Every item in this box highlighted the toughest ladies from the Marvel universe, from the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, to She-Hulk.

And can we just take a moment to reflect on how excited we are about the inclusion of Squirrel Girl? We've said before that she deserves her own movie, and having our own Squirrel Girl bobblehead is making our lives complete.

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FanMail Subscription box with Charmed shirt, Hermione keychain and Miyazaki print

How Much? $21.99 + $6 shipping = $27.99 total

Our Box's Theme: Magical Mystery

The Haul: 

  • A whimsical Studio Ghibli-inspired "Miyazaki Magic" print by Tziporah Thompson

  • A T-shirt for P3, the fictional club from Charmed

  • Once Upon A Time teacup charm necklace and drawstring bag

  • Penny Dreadful comic book

  • A sneak peek of the upcoming fantasy novel Julia Vanishes

  • A Peter Pan temporary tattoo by Litographs

  • A hot apple pie-scented soy candle by SnowCutSoaps

  • A Funko Hermione Granger Pocket Pop! Keychain

Verdict: Our FanMail box's theme was "Magical Mystery," and everything inside lived up to that title! The Charmed T-shirt is the perfect thing to find fellow fans, and we've always wanted a keychain to show off our Hermione love!

Plus, the Pushing Daisies-themed "The Pie Hole" hot apple pie soy candle is the best-smelling candle we have ever had the pleasure of smelling. We deeply regret not being able to share the scent with all of you.

Sign up for yours here! Use coupon code "SWEETYHIGH" to get $2 off your first box.


The Fan Empire

The Fan Empire Hogwarts House Pride box: Hufflepuff

How Much? $14.95 + $7 shipping = $21.95 total

Our Box's Theme: Hogwarts House Pride (We went with Hufflepuff!)

The Haul:

  • A yellow and blue-striped Hufflepuff replica tie

  • A super cozy black and yellow 'puff beanie

  • A keychain with badger, book and Hogwarts charms in a golden rose drawstring bag

  • A Hogwarts crest fridge magnet

  • An adjustable dome ring featuring all of the Hogwarts houses

  • A colorful splatter paint Hogwarts crest print

Verdict: In a world of Gryffindors, it can be tough to be the Hufflepuff underdog, but we are thrilled that The Fan Empire box has helped us to demonstrate our house pride!

The badger charm ring is adorable, and the beanie is so wooly and soft that we can't wait until it gets chilly to wear it. With this box, you'll look like you walked right out of Hogwarts.

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Geek Chic Monthly

We got this awesome Alice In Wonderland stuff in a Geek Chic Monthly subscription box

How Much? $15 + $3 shipping = $18 total

Our Box's Theme: Alice In Wonderland

The Haul: 

  • A grinning Cheshire Cat coin purse

  • A mad tea party bracelet

  • A pair of  fabulous white rabbit front-back earrings

  • A cord-organizing key

  • A cute pocket watch that really tells the time

Verdict: Our box came packed with the cutest Alice In Wonderland accessories that we'll wear constantly, and the working pocket watch is a little trinket we are going to treasure forever.

If you're a geek fashionista, Geek Chic Monthly is probably your soulcrate.

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Super Geek Box

This Super Geek Box with a Villains theme for June included Star Wars and Nintendo references galore

How Much? $12.92 + $6 shipping = $18.92 total

Our Box's Theme: Villain

The Haul: 

  • A Super Geek Box Joker pin

  • A Funko Mopeez plush Deadpool

  • A Meowth lucky cat payday wallet, complete with a (fake) $1,000,000 bill!

  • A Chain Chomp keychain

  • A Harley Quinn queen of diamonds playing card decal

  • A "Team Rocket official member" pin

  • A "TR8R"crossover Koopa Troopa/Finn as a Stormtrooper drawstring bag

  • An AMAZING "Welcome to the Dark Side" t-shirt featured Darth Vader and a Sith Dark Toon Link

Verdict: This villain-themed box proved to us that Super Geek Box is a hero among pop culture subscription boxes.

They're the masters of crossovers, from the awesome Toon Link and Darth Vader T-shirt to the Storm Koopa Troopa drawstring bag, and the Chain Chomp keyring and Harley Quinn playing cards are a stroke of genius.

BRB while we start prepping our Meowth wallets for the next payday!

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Kawaii Box

We got cute Japanese snacks, accessories, socks and more in this Kawaii Box

How Much? $19.80 total (yay free shipping!!!)

The Haul:

  • A squeezable Hello Kitty-shaped donut charm

  • A cute bear and fox stamp set

  • A pencil sharpener shaped like Hello Kitty's bow

  • Heart-patterned origami star paper

  • Colorful dessert puffy stickers

  • A green kawaii girl coin purse

  • A packet of crunchy Anpanman corn rings

  • A fluffy purple pom pom keyring

  • A blue teddy bear mechanical pencil

  • A set of four heart-shaped rainbow bracleets

  • A pair of adorable panda socks

  • Kasugai Ramune soda candies

Verdict: If you love all things kawaii (the Japanese word for "cute") then you must subscribe to Kawaii Box! Every box comes packed with a ton of tiny adorable things adding up to one awesome collection.

Our box included everything from origami paper to school supplies, fashion accessories, and even yummy treats. One warning: The Hello Kitty donut charm may look good enough to eat, but don't do it!

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Comic Pop Box

Comic Pop box with awesome Marvel, Star Wars and Disney-themed toys

How Much? $21.99 + $5.99-$6.99 shipping = $27.98-$28.98 total

The Haul: 

  • A C-3PO Pop! Pin

  • A vibrant pair of Wolverine ankle socks

  • A Disney Villains keyring of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

  • A Rocket Raccoon bobblehead Pocket Pop! keychain

  • A straight-faced Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) MyMoji

  • A stuffed Millenium Falcon

  • A Pop! Deadpool vinyl bobblehead

Verdict: Funko makes some of the best pop culture gear out there, and Comic Pop Box brings the very best of it together in one place. All of the Marvel, Disney and Star Wars stuff in this box represents some of our favorite things and is so, so cute!

We never even knew we needed a plush Millennium Falcon in our lives, but now we can't live without it.

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OwlCrate's steampunk-themed May box, with Peter Pan items

How Much? $29.99 + $6.99 shipping = $36.98 total

Our Box's Theme: Steampunk

The Haul: 

  • Everland, a YA retelling of the classic Peter Pan story with a steampunk twist, by Wendy Spinale (plus a sweet personalized note from Spinale to OwlCrate readers and gold Everland flash tattoos)

  • A Creative Daffodil minimalist art print celebrating J.M. Barrie, the author who created Peter Pan

  • Glittery steampunk nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics

  • An Infernal Devices Clockwork Angel ring by Sparks Emporium

  • A steampunk metal dragonfly pin by Elope

  • A skeleton key pendant necklace by Crystal Compass

Verdict: If you love to lose yourself in YA lit, you're going to fall fast for OwlCrate.

Not only do they do a great job selecting an engrossing and relatively obscure new read every month, but the accompanying accessories are so cute and wearable that they'll make you fall even more in love with the book you're reading! Fashion-forward geeks everywhere will love it.

Sign up for yours here!


Landfall Freight Co.

Landfall Freight Co. comic book Mystery Machine box for May

How Much? $29.99 + $6.99 shipping = $36.98 total

Our Box's Theme: The Mystery Machine

The Haul: 

    • Ufology, a mystery graphic novel about a high schooler named Becky Finch and her alien encounters

    • A bookmark that doubles as a magnifying glass

    • Dept. H, a deep sea murder-mystery comic centered around a special investigator called Mia

    • An "evidence file" pouch by  BlueQ

    • A spooky Harrow County comic postcard

    • A bookplate sticker inspired by Dale Cooper's tape recorder

    • 3 adorable Twin PeaksThe X-Files, and Daphne from Scooby-Doo buttons from One True Press

    • A delicious Tootsie caramel apple pop

Verdict: Think that more girls should read more comics? You're probably going to be at least a little bit addicted to Landfall Freight Co.

Each box come with awesome new and obscure themed comics and cool accessories in the vein of that theme. Our month's theme was "Mystery Machine," and the "evidence file" zip-up pouch that came in the box was one of the coolest pencil holders we've ever laid our eyes on.

And did we mention a caramel apple pop comes in every box?

Sign up for yours here!



Teeblox Disney edition

How Much? $9.99 + $2.50 shipping = $12.49 total

Our Box's Theme: We checked out two "Bloxes": Disney and Gamer.

The Haul: 

      • A super soft classic Mickey Mouse t-shirt

      • A huge (and adorable) "Give Peas A Chance" poster by Todd Goldman

      • A copy of Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2 No. 20

      • A skull-emblazoned "Militia" shirt from Titanfall

      • A giant poster for Nintendo'Pikmin 3

      • A copy of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Vol. 1 No. 18

Teeblox gaming edition

Verdict: For about $10 a month, it's tough to beat TeeBlox. Every Blox comes with a comfortable T-shirt with a great design, a comic book and a huge poster.

Just look at that "Give Peas a Chance" poster! It can be tough to find T-shirts for under $10 to begin with, so TeeBlox is definitely a steal.

Sign up for yours here! Use coupon code SWEETYHIGH15 to get 15% of your box.


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