Geeking Out Over "Geek Charming" Trailer With Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop

We are totally geeking out over the new full trailer for Geek Charming starring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop. The real life couple will be co-starring in the super cute Disney Channel movie set to air in the Fall.

The movie is about an adorkable guy (super cute but also a little dorky) named Josh Rosen (Prokop), who ends up picking the most popular girl, Dylan Shoenfield (Hyland), to be the subject of his latest film.

Dylan is the pretty princess who rules L.A.'s Castle Heights High. She's the "it" girl and has everything from the most popular friends, the coolest boyfriend, and the latest trendy fashions.

When Dylan's favorite purse falls into the fountain, Josh rescues it in return for Dylan letting him film her for his documentary on high school popularity. The two end up getting pretty close and realizing that labels and perception aren't all they are cracked up to be. Will Josh end up being Dylan's prince charming or will she end up ditching him to stay on top of the social ladder?

We are super excited to see the chemistry between these two when the movie airs on TV in the fall.