These Geeky Plush Bouquets Are the Ultimate Valentine's Day Flower Substitute

Not into roses? Ask your S.O. to get you one of these geeky bouquets of plush dolls instead.

Available on ThinkGeek, these unique Valentine's Day gift bundles stuffed plushies into a fancy bouquet you can hold on to forever. Whether you're looking to give your BFF something they'll never forget or you need something to add to your own Valentine's wish list, they're adorable and way more permanent than a bundle of flowers.

Appropriately, they have a dozen bouquet options suitable for many kinds of geeks. There are corgis and kittens for animal lovers, and dragons and unicorns for fans of mystical creatures.

ThinkGeek Valentine's Day plush bouquet: Corgis, Kittens, Dragons and Unicorns

(via ThinkGeek)

Science enthusiasts can receive a bouquet of plush planets, molecules or microbes, and there's a special bundle of stuffed books for avid readers.

ThinkGeek Valentine's Day plush bouquet: Planets, molecules, microbes and books

(via ThinkGeek)

The collection also features three unique Star Wars bouquets. One features red, white and black R2 droids, while another includes eight Stormtroopers and a Darth Vader. The last is a bouquet of nine classic Star Wars characters, including an adorable porg.

ThinkGeek Valentine's Day plush bouquet: Star Wars droids, Stormtroopers and Vader and classic characters

(via ThinkGeek)

Lastly, there's a bouquet "for moms" that includes two egg cells, two neurons and two little hearts. It's pretty weird, but it's kind of cute, too.

ThinkGeek Valentine's Day plush bouquet for moms

(via ThinkGeek)

The bouquets range in price from $24.99 to $79.99, and they're available HERE.


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