Only a Gemini Will Love These Beauty Products

Calling all makeup-obsessed Geminis! You'll want to read this.

Based off some very telling information provided by your zodiac sign, we've rounded up seven beauty products fit for Geminis only.

Keep scrolling to see which lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter and more you'll be adding to your makeup collection.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Gemini Velour Liquid Lipstick: $18

A warm terracotta nude, this lip color has your name written all over it… literally. Because this neutral hue goes with just about anything, it'll quickly become a staple for your everyday look.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Gemini velour liquid lipstick

(via Jeffree Star Cosmetics)


Lush Cosmetics' Lifted Eyeshadow: $19.95

Yellow is your power color, Gemini. Bright and uplifting, this shade perfectly captures your personality. You'll always feel powerful rocking this eyeshadow.

Lush Cometics' Lifted eyeshadow

(via Lush Cosmetics)


Too Faced Cosmetics' Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection: $65

Being a Gemini, you represent the best of both worlds. Obviously this ultimate eye collection is the thing for you. You can rock the sweet and innocent look or be fearless and bold with the help of this product. What could be better?

Too Faced Cosmetics' Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection

(via Too Faced Cosmetics)


Lime Crime Makeup's Opals Hi-Lite Palette: $38

You have a glowing personality, Gemini. Reflect that on the outside by using the Opals Hi-Lite palette from Lime Crime Makeup. Formulated with special pearls, using them will give you a gorgeous iridescent complexion.

Lime Crime Makeup's Opals Hi-Lite Palette

(via Lime Crime Makeup)


Kat Von D Beauty's Tattoo Brow Eyebrow Liner: $19

Being indecisive, you welcome change like no other. You hate repetition, so you're always switching up your look—especially when it comes to your brows. With this nifty product from Kat Von D Beauty, you can shape your eyebrows however thick or thin you want.

Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Brow Eyebrow Liner

(via Kat Von D Beauty)


Urban Decay Cosmetics' Naked Skin Shapeshifter Contour Kit: $45

You're a chameleon—a shapeshifter, if you will. There are a tons of different sides to your personality. One day you'll be an outgoing social butterfly and the next you'll be a quiet introvert. This contour kit from Urban Decay Cosmetics will help you keep up with your always-changing personas.

Urban Decay Cosmetics' Naked Skin Shapeshifter Contour Kit

(via Urban Decay Cosmetics)


Benefit Cosmetics' Champion Perk-Me-Ups Beauty Kit: $58

Filled with primer, finishing powder and a cheek and lip stain, this beauty kit contains everything you need to maintain your extraordinarily peppy vibes when they start to get dangerously low.

Benefit Cosmetics' Champion Perk-Me-Ups beauty kit

(via Benefit Cosmetics)


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