How to Attract the Attention of Your Gemini Crush

Crushing on someone new can be as exhilarating as it is stressful.

Every interaction has the potential to cement yourself in their eyes as a potential love interest or scare them off forever. You want to get to know them, but you also don't want to completely mess things up.

But if you believe in the power of astrology, you can always use your zodiac signs to help point you in the right direction. By knowing your crush's sign, you can also get some very helpful hints in regards to winning their heart. Keep scrolling to discover six ways to attract the attention of a typical Gemini.

Flirt Back

Geminis are naturally flirty, with a tendency to happily chat people up, often while making lots of eye contact and sharing close, personal space. When a Gemini flirts with you, you shouldn't necessarily take it as a sign they're already infatuated with you, but you certainly shouldn't waste the opportunity, either.

After all, the sign isn't after someone who plays hard to get. When they come over to talk, let them know the attention is welcome, and return a compliment or two for every one that they pay you. They're drawn to social butterflies who thrive around people as much as they do, and they want to know what you think. If you shrink away from the attention, they'll assume you're not interested and that you're not at all compatible and move on.

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Share Your Knowledge

Geminis are basically the trivia masters of the zodiac, knowing a little bit about a lot of subjects, but mostly at the surface level. This is because they're master conversationalists, and they love to know enough about everything to dive into any conversation. This is why they're always eager to learn more.

If you also happen to know a lot, even if it's more specialized knowledge, share it with them in order to help them expand. They're curious and fascinated by the wisdom the world has to offer, so they'll likely be willing to listen. After all, the more you can teach them, the more you can help them grow what they know, and the more interesting they'll become in the long run.


Match Their Wits

Gemini's gift of gab is one of their greatest assets, but it's no fun for them if no one else is able to contribute to their rousing conversations. If you're also a commanding speaker who can keep up with them in their discussions, they'll certainly take notice. They also love to argue—not because they're quarrelsome, but because it's mentally stimulating—and if you're willing to debate them, and you're good at it, you're sure to leave an impression.

Despite loving a good verbal spar, Geminis are also good at keeping things light and preventing them from getting too personal or invasive. The best conversations with them feel like a tennis match, with each volley returned with more speed and power until the exciting conclusion of the round. Don't be afraid to also show off your sense of humor to match their own. Your cleverness will be irresistible.

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Change Things Up

Gemini is a sign known for easily getting bored with the routine, and the less predictable you can be, the more you'll capture their attention. Just because you impressed them last time doesn't mean you should do the exact same thing this time around. In fact, the more you can flaunt how multi-faceted you are, the more you'll interest them.

Of course, you also shouldn't pretend to be something you're not, because Gemini will see right through this guise. Instead, explore the different aspects of yourself, and dig into your own willingness to be adventurous, try new things and accept new ideas. The more surprising you can be, the better.


Be Straightforward

Gemini does not play games. In fact, they love to be asked out first because of the initiative it shows. They like honesty and confidence in their partners, and enjoy knowing exactly how someone feels about them because it gives them the opportunity to reciprocate without second-guessing anything.

They also appreciate knowing your feelings because they can be a bit impatient when it comes to their relationships. Even when they do like someone, they've been known to abandon pursuing them when they don't get enough positive feedback. By making your intentions fully known, you don't give them a chance to dismiss you.

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Embrace Your Playfulness

The last thing Gemini wants in a potential significant other is someone who's way too serious about things. Gemini, after all, can be a slightly mischievous as well as affectionate sign. Once they have a good feeling about you, they won't be afraid to tell you exactly how much they like you.

If you act with shock or disregard, they may see that as a sign that you're not on the same page in terms of your relationship with each other. You might appear too cautious or prudish for their tastes, sending things back to square one. However, if you can be playful, roll with the punches and shock them right back, that's sure to put a smile on their face.


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