Crushing on a Gemini? Here Are the Sign's Biggest Turnoffs

How does one woo the sign that always seems to be in a relationship?

Just because Gemini is the perpetual dater doesn't mean they're easy to win, or they can fall in love with just anyone. Their statuses as social butterflies mean they're constantly mingling with new people, giving them ample opportunities to meet individuals who just might be their match—or to instantly realize things well never, ever work out.

Don't want to land yourself on that second list? Keep scrolling to discover your Gemini crush's biggest turnoffs.


Geminis place their freedom above pretty much all else, and few things turn them off more than someone who clings to them like a lost puppy. They're incredibly social, with massive revolving friend groups they love to spend time with. They've always got someone or something to tend to, and if you suddenly demand that they invest every second of their time in you, away from these other priorities, you're going to run into a problem. They're not comfortable with the idea of being relied upon that heavily, especially by someone they're dating. They're used to a certain lifestyle, and won't be keen on suddenly dropping everything for a new relationship. They'd prefer self-sufficiency on both sides, making the times you do get to spend together even more special.


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Being Closed Off

While Gemini does greatly value independence, there's a huge difference between being independent and being a closed book. Any successful Gemini relationship will be based on strong, two-way communication. In the presence of Gemini, you'll find that you hear a lot of talking. Not only are they eager to express their ideas to you, but they'll also ask lots of questions, curious about your take. When that happens, do try to say what's on your mind, ask questions of your own, and answer honestly instead of retreating into yourself because you fear the reaction. After all, if you find their incessant talking and prying irritating, you probably don't much in common with each other in the first place. If you're not up for that, or you insist on making dull conversation, you might as well say bye-bye to Gemini.


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A big part of Gemini's charm is their sometimes child-like sense of wonder. They're intelligent and incredibly witty, but that can also come with a certain amount of immaturity. They love to joke around with people and would definitely prefer for their significant other to be in on the fun with them, so if you don't appreciate a little joking at your expense, and you have a more serious disposition, you may clash. Gemini knows they're funny, so if you never laugh or kid back with them, they'll think you dislike them. They're also bundles of energy, so if you live your life at a slower pace, you're going to struggle to keep up. If you can embrace your playful side, you'll find that every interaction goes much more smoothly.


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Gemini is prone to doing wild things on the spur of the moment. Their adventures can be unplanned, outlandish and totally unpredictable, which is also what makes them so much fun. But if you're someone who prefers strict routines, and schedules lots of quiet time at home in front of the TV, you're going to result in a clash. Gemini is very easily bored, so if you're interested in wowing them, you'll want to do whatever you can not to bore them or pin them down. Gemini likes to try new things and doesn't care about the tried and true ways of the past. Embrace your fun side and go on an adventure with them, and maybe you'll understand why they act the way they do.


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