Everything Gemini NEEDS in a Successful Relationship

What does the sign known for always being in a relationship need to make their relationship succeed?

While Gemini can be a bit inconsistent and need space in their partnerships, they can also thrive in the right relationship if their significant other understands and meets their unique needs. Keep reading to discover the five essential things Gemini needs in a successful relationship.


Geminis often find themselves in relationships that begin as friendships and develop into something more. This makes sense because they're so friendly and outgoing, and have a tendency to befriend anyone who seems like a potential pal. If your relationship with a Gemini is going to work out, it should be built on a foundation of kindness, sharing and commonality. Getting along well is the first step. Many Geminis would describe their S.O. as their "best friend," and when they find the right person, it develops quickly into a relationship. However, since Gemini is rarely single, if you want to keep them around, it'll require deep understanding and commitment.

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Honest communication is first and foremost to Gemini. They're talkative and outgoing, completely unafraid to share what's on their minds, and they want that in return from those they care about. They really care what you really think, even if you disagree with them, because it just might lead to an interesting debate that will help them get to you even more deeply.

If you're bad at speaking your mind or having an unpopular opinion, Gemini will know you're holding back and wonder what's wrong. Since they're masters of communication, who know how to move things forward and have something witty or interesting to say, they may have an effective way of squeezing the truth out of you. Otherwise, they may turn to others who can offer what you don't give them.



Dealing with a Gemini requires a bit of flexibility and patience. Because they have many sides to their personality, you might not know which version you'll be dealing with that day. Gemini can live in extremes and gravitate between different moods, but if you can truly get to know every aspect of them, you'll know exactly how to be with them no matter who shows up. Adaptability certainly helps.

In everyday life, being open to surprises will also allow you to fit better into Gemini's life due to their changeability. They are happy to make plans at the last minute, or ditch an idea entirely at the last minute in order to do something that seems more fun. If you can't keep up and aren't up for the adventure, they might begin to see you as a stick in the mud.

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Trust is tantamount in a Gemini relationship because of the sign's natural social inclinations. Without meaning to, they can be huge flirts with other people. Even if their heart truly does belong to you, they often can't help it. They also prefer to divide their time among their many friends, so even if you're their No. 1, it might not always feel like it. The important thing is to know your S.O. If you trust them and feel secure about their feelings, the relationship will improve.

You may also find that this makes them appear less clingy than the other signs when it comes to relationships. They'll feel stifled if you hold on to them too tightly and prevent them from being themselves. Success is all about maintaining a healthy level of closeness. If you can both give each other adequate space, you'll be in a good place.



Gemini is terrified of boredom, but you rarely get to see it because they always do everything within their power to keep themselves occupied. They're always up to something. They crave change and seek out exciting and new things to try as often as possible. Of course, they want the person they're with to be their partner on every adventure.

In order to add intrigue to their lives, they also aren't afraid to stir up a little drama here and there for the sake of keeping things interesting. They'll argue just for the fun of it, but don't get too worried, because they're kind and generally skilled at not making things personal. It helps if you have the debate skills to hold your own when that happens—and when things get fiery with Gemini, you know that a romantic making up is right around the corner.

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