Project Mc² Star Genneya Walton Talks Science, Her Love for Beyoncé and Go-to Style Staples

If you find yourself browsing on Netflix for a great show featuring girl power, science and overall awesomeness, then you really don't need to look any further.

Project Mc² is all about those things and we can't think of a better reason to feature one of the show's stars, Genneya Walton as our #WCW this week.

We learned a few fun facts from the super talented actress and dancer this week that you'll definitely relate to—keep scrolling to find out what they are!

WCW art for Genneya Walton

(Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce)

Name: Genneya Walton

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Birthday: Feb. 22

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Favorite Color: Yellow

Fun Facts:

1. Project Mc² is super focused on science and Genneya is all in with that. "If I were to be anything other than an actress or dancer, I would want to be a biologist," she told Sweety High, adding that science is her fave subject.

2. Like us, she's a dedicated Harry Potter fan. She's called it her fave movie franchise, and according to Twitter, she got an HP henna tattoo to prove it. We definitely want to see that.

3. Her random every-day thoughts on Beyonce are so on point it's ridiculous. She named Queen Bey as her "favorite singer and performer," because, duh.

4. She has a purrfect kitty named Jester and according to her, the feline "loves sitting in bags and boxes."

5. She has major style and loves to dress up. "I love wearing rompers and dresses any chance I get," she said. We can tell, I mean, who doesn'love dressing like an IRL emoji?

Accurate ✨

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6. We were completely stoked when Genneya said, "The Project Mc2 girls are [now] in doll form, which is so crazy!" Her hilarious face swap with her own doll is the real gold here, though.

Face swapped with my Bryden doll ???? so rough haha

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7. She loves the holidays, specifically Halloween. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios "is a must" for her, and this early tweet proves she's 100% ready for it this year. Same here, girl!

8. People refer to her by other names than Genneya. "My nickname is Neya, but some of my friends call me noodle … there's [a] reason behind that." Hmm, could this Insta pic have something to do with that? No shame, girl. We love ourselves a good bowl of noodles, too!

Follow my snapchat genneyadw . It's always a party that usually involves food:)

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