Gentle Barn Gets Visit From Victoria Justice!

Earlier this month, Victoria Justice's friends Nico Tortorella and Olesya Rulin told her to put on some warm clothes and whisked her away on a surprise trip to the Gentle Barn!Gentle Barn

The Gentle Barn is a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates animals that have been abused. The barn not only cares for the animals, but teaches people to have kindness and compassion for animals through interaction with them.

"These two awesome, awesome people save and rescue animals that have been abused and they basically give them it's home," Victoria explained in a Keek video. "It's an amazing place."

At the barn, Victoria had an amazing experience with the animals. She got to hug cows, cuddle with turkeys and play with pigs!

Victoria and her friends also got their faces painted and got to meet colorful peacocks. It's so great to see Victoria bonding so closely with these animals!

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