Forget Unicorns and Mermaids, It's All About the Geode Latte Now

Unicorns and mermaids have taken over the food industry.

From cakes and ice cream to lattes and milkshakes, just about every food item has been given a makeover inspired by these mythological creatures.

While these mystical beings still reign supreme, an unlikely contender is rising the ranks to overthrow both mermaids and unicorns—geodes!

The End Brooklyn, which popularized both the Unicorn and Mermaid Latte, has added a Geode Latte to their lineup of magical drinks.

This enchanting purple refreshment is a crystal-infused berry juice blend steamed with homemade coconut milk and topped with ube powder and sugar crystals.

Not only is does it taste absolutely delicious, it's even good for your body and soul. What more could you want from your morning latte?

We're hoping this latte sets off a chain reaction of geode-inspired foods, because we're so over seeing unicorns and mermaids everywhere. Not sorry about it!


While we wait for geodes to take over, we'd also love it if THESE mythological creatures inspired some of their own tasty creations.