Fast fashion has a time and place, and that’s exactly what Georgie Whitcroft learned after her time in that industry.

Georgie wanted to create more sustainable pieces, and from that, The Games We Play was born! Interested in learning more about the brand and Georgie’s personal style? Continue below to find out.

Name: Georgie Whitcroft

IG Handle: @thegamesweplay_

Hometown: Byron Bay

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. Georgie loved thrifting as a teen:

“Growing up in St. Kilda, Australia in the ’90s as a teen, I idolized the eclectic, grunge style of the musicians and artists of that time. I fell in love with designer vintage and would spend my weekends in thrift shops curating different looks.”

-Georgie Whitcroft

2. Her go-to outfit when she’s in a rush is anything silk because it’s so effortless.


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3. Georgie is a cancer survivor:

“After beating stage 3 lymphatic cancer five and a half years ago, I realized the inner strength and resilience we all have inside of us and hope to inspire anyone going through any type of adversity or hard ship not to give up.”

-Georgie Whitcroft

4. Kate Moss is one of her major style inspirations.

5. Georgie loves mixing vintage and designer pieces.


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6. Her mom gives great advice:

“My mother raised me to follow my intuition and never give up on my dreams. The universe will always provide just trust yourself and the process.”

-Georgie Whitcroft

7. Georgie started her brand, The Games We Play, to get out of the fast-fashion world:

“After years in fast fashion I wanted to create a more sustainable brand with a focus on luxury, sustainable fabrics. Each piece I create is designed to be cherished for years to come.”

-Georgie Whitcroft

8. Living in Bali, she’s always in a swimsuit from her collection.


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9. Georgie loves the silk pants from her brand’s current range.

10. On her favorite style trend at the moment:

“I am obsessed with oversized shirts and sheer, backless maxi dresses which feature heavily in my next collection.”

-Georgie Whitcroft


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