Gergana Ivanova Is the Fashion Brand That Needs to Be on Your Radar

Calling all cool-girls.

If fashion is important to you, you are far from alone. In fact, Gergana Ivanova of Fashion is my Forte took that same passion and turned it into a business. Remaining true to herself has allowed her to become successful, and we wanted to learn all about it! Her namesake brand, Gergana Ivanovaneeds to be on everyone's radars. Keep scrolling for our full interview.

Sweety High: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Gergana Ivanova: I was born in Bulgaria, grew up in Seattle, built a career in New York City and am now enjoying life in Miami. I'm a fashion designer, digital content creator and investor. I started Fashion is my Forte years ago as a way to connect with women all over the world, and share my personal life and career journey with the hope of inspiring someone to take that leap of faith and follow their dreams as well. With everything I do, helping and inspiring other women has always been my biggest driver. Through my content, I've always hoped to show the real side of my life and career. I love being an open book, sharing knowledge and also offering a helping hand in any way that I can. Last year, I started my clothing line as it felt like the next right step in my life, but I also wanted to create pieces that make women feel beautiful, confident and filled with self-love. Self-love has always been something I care about, that's why on each care label inside of our clothing it says "If you wear this, you promise to only spread love and kindness to yourself and others <3".


SH: How would you describe yourself?

GI: I want a life less ordinary. I want to love. I want to take risks, be open-minded, be strong enough to follow my dreams, and be confident enough to not listen to what anyone else thinks.


SH: What prompted you to start Gergana Ivanova?

GI: I've always wanted to work myself and have always loved fashion. When I was in college I started my blog as a creative outlet because my rigorous course load felt very draining and unsatisfying. I also always knew I wanted to live in NYC after I graduated, so one thing led to another and five years later I now run two full-time businesses in the fashion industry. With Gergana Ivanova, I wanted to create luxury pieces without the luxury price tag. Being in the fashion industry, I've been exposed to so many fast fashion brands and throughout the years have become more aware of their negative impact on the environment and local communities. I wanted everything I created to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, and made domestically to support the local economy.


SH: What types of products do you offer?

GI: Everything from comfy daytime two-piece sets to going out crop tops to sexy beach dresses and everyday accessories. I'm excited to expand our product line as the brand grows! I have so many ideas.


SH: Do you design all of the pieces yourself?

GI: Yes! All designed by me and made ethically in the USA.


SH: What are your best-sellers?

GI: Definitely our Chloe dress ($149), Isabella top ($99), as well as our Summer Pastels Collection of hoodies and joggers. The baby blue, lilac and coral colors are a major hit!


SH: What's your favorite piece from Gergana Ivanova?

GI: The thought behind every piece I design is, "What do I need in my closet right now that I would want to have forever? A timeless style and color, a quality fit and fabric, and a reasonable price so I can share it with world?" I create pieces that I myself would love to have, so it's nearly impossible to pick one favorite.


SH: How has being an influencer helped shape your business?

GI: In so many different ways! It opened my eyes to the negative impact fashion brands can sometimes have on our planet. It allowed me to connect with amazing people all over the world who have been so supportive throughout every chapter in my life, including my clothing line. It has also forced me to build really thick skin and be confident enough to believe in my own visions and goals. And ultimately, it has given me the drive to believe that anything is possible—even starting my own clothing line if I really pour my heart and soul into it.


SH: What fall fashion trends are you excited about?

GI: Pops of color and cropped pieces like blazers, jackets and coats. I've never been a big "color girl" after living in NYC for five years, but now that I live by the beach I'm slowly noticing my color palette changing. I'm having fun with color and it's been an enjoyable journey. I've also always loved cropped blazers and tops so this has to be one of my favorite fall trends thus far.


SH: Any back-to-school fashion advice?

GI: Wear whatever makes you feel happy, confident and beautiful.


SH: Do you have any drops coming soon?

GI: We have some very exciting drops coming soon so definitely stay tuned! I can't share too much yet but I can guarantee you that you won't want to miss anything.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like our audience to know?

GI: If I could tell my younger self anything it would be this: Believe in yourself and your dreams. You can do anything you put your mind to. Stay focused and be confident enough to be truly yourself, even though you might doubt yourself sometimes. Try not to compare yourself to others and know that everything will always work out in the best way possible for you. The world works in amazing ways.


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