Want to Show Your Friends That They Matter? Try These Tiny Gestures

When your friends are always there for you, it's easy to start taking them for granted.

True friendship is something special, and your great friends deserve to know it. Tell them much they matter to you with these tiny, simple gestures.

1. Write them a note saying you're thankful for them. Sure, a text is fine, but a handwritten message on a sticky note leaves a bigger impact—and they can even hold onto it as a token of your appreciation.

About to write on a sticky note

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2. Draw them a playful doodle. Think of something that always cheers up your friend and illustrate it for them. Even if you're not an artist, they'll welcome the gesture. Chances are that they'll hang on to it, too.

3. Headed to Starbucks before you see your bestie? Grab them their fave drink. They'll love the surprise and recognize how well you really know them.

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4. Always give them a chance to vent. They're there for you, so you should do the same in return. They'll feel better that they have a shoulder to lean on, and you'll learn a lot about your friend in the process and get the chance to give them some guidance.

5. Grab a little bag of your friend's favorite snack any time you spot it at the store. It shows you're thinking of them, and they'll obviously love getting the treat the next time you see them.

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6. Bake them something. Very few people don't appreciate a freshly baked confection right out of the oven. They'll love that it was made just for them, and you can always lick the spoons in the process.

7. Make them a playlist of the songs you love to listen to together. Spotify makes it super easy.

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8. If your friend is learning a new skill or struggling with something at school, encourage them to keep at it. When they're doing great, let them know it. Keep them motivated and happy.

9. Send them links they'll love. Whether it's the latest news about a TV show they binge or a cute gif starring their favorite animal, it shows that they're on your mind and just might make their day a little brighter.

10. Get in tune with your crafty side and make something simple for them. Whether it's a grade school DIY you still remember or a new origami trick you just learned, put some time into making something for them by hand to show you care.

Origami cranes dangling

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11. Prioritize them. If you're split between the opportunity to hang out with your best friend or your crush, obviously your best friend should win.

12. Share the wealth. Potato chips and bags of poppable candy were meant to be shared, so don't forget to let your friend dig in. If it's your favorite food in the world, the fact that you're willing to share will speak volumes of your friendship.

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13. When you're thankful for them, don't keep it to yourself. Let them know that you recognize all the special things they do for you and that it really matters.


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