How to Get Your Crush's Attention on TikTok

Oh, TikTok.

While the app is great for wasting hours upon hours watching ridiculous videos, it can also serve a different, more impactful purpose. If used correctly, TikTok might be the in you've been waiting for to finally get your crush's attention.

But how do you get your crush to notice you without being too obvious? We have the answers. Keep scrolling for our best tips on how to get your crush's attention on TikTok.

Like Their Videos

What's the absolute easiest way to get your crush's attention on TikTok? Simply liking their videos, of course. Hitting that heart on your crush's post means that you're constantly popping up in their activity page, which keeps your name at the forefront of their mind. It's a subtle grab for attention that serves the dual purpose of upping their "like" count. Who could be mad at that?

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Drop a Nice Comment

One step above simply liking their videos, dropping a nice comment on your crush's post will surely get their attention. Unfortunately, video comments are a little tricky. They're public, so you don't want to seem too desperate for fear that everyone will call out your infatuation before you're ready. It's best to only comment on a crush's post if you already have a semi-friendly relationship. Even then, try to leave something relatively harmless that doesn't give away your feelings just yet.


Take Advantage of the Trends

While interacting with your crush's content is one way to get their attention, you can also try to reel them in with your own videos. But you can't post just anything and expect your crush to notice you. If you want to catch their eye, take advantage of the current trends. Post your own flawless dance video. Check out the discover page and see if you can brainstorm any trending content to add to your own feed. If you can really nail an engaging video that's totally on-trend, your crush is sure to notice.

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Be Funny

No one can resist a funny video. It should come as no surprise that being funny is the ultimate way to capture your crush's attention. If you can post something that's truly laugh-out-loud hilarious, your crush is sure to notice. But remember, don't try too hard. If you're clamoring for attention, people can smell your desperation. Don't put together something "funny," that's really not that amusing.

If you're going to pursue the funny route in your posts, wait for a video that would actually make you laugh if you saw it yourself. Those videos have the best chance of being successful. If you can make your crush laugh, they're going to be intrigued by you. Who knows, maybe they'll even reach out and confess their love for you. Okay, probably not, but a girl can dream.


Be Relatable

If being funny isn't your strong suit, you can also try to be relatable. Relatable videos invite replies from people who totally get what you're talking about. If you're lucky, one of those people might just be your crush. Even if they don't reply to your post, a truly relatable video will certainly capture your crush's attention. Plus, it doesn't cost you anything to simply make a post and hope for the best.


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