If You've Given Up on Working Out, Here's How to Get Back Into the Groove

We've all been there.

Missing one workout turns into missing two, which turns into taking a week off from the gym, which then turns into a month or longer.  Once you fall off the workout wagon, it can be challenging to get back on it.

It may seem impossible to get back on track, but once you get back into a workout groove, you can pick up right where you left off. Scroll below for tips to get motivated to work out if it's been a while.

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1. Set a New Fitness Goal

Find something to strive for, whether it's running a faster mile, lifting a heavier weight, or feeling your best for an upcoming birthday or event. When you have a set goal in mind, you'll feel more motivated to take steps towards it.


2. Recruit a Workout Buddy

Having an accountability partner is an incredible tool if you find yourself having trouble staying motivated. Working out with a friend not only makes it more fun, but also makes you more likely to actually show up to the workout.

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3. Try a Class You Haven't Tried Before

It's easy to fall into a workout rut if you were doing the same routine for a while or hadn't found a workout you enjoy doing. There are so many types of group exercise classes that are just as fun as they are effective. Try boxing or Zumba to get in cardio without a treadmill, or try Pilates or barre if you want to tone up without using boring weight machines.


4. Buy Cute Workout Clothes

If you buy new leggings or sneakers, you will need a place to wear them! Invest in some new active wear that you'll be excited to show off at the gym.


5. Get a Workout Journal to Keep Track of Goals and Successes

Writing down your plan of action will make you more likely to stick to it. Use your journal to schedule your workouts for each week ahead of time, as well as to track the progress you make with each workout. Sometimes it takes a while to see physical changes, so keeping track of any fitness successes—such as running faster than you did the week before or working out more times this week than last—will help you see your progress and keep you working towards long-term goals.

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