Let’s get real: The best part about waking up early in the morning is hitting the snooze button.

But what if we told you that’s all about to change? We have a few tried and true pointers that will help you get out bed—not begrudgingly, but excitedly.

Keep reading to see what we mean!

1. Pick out Your Clothes the Night Before

This is the most obvious way to relieve stress from your morning. It sounds simple, but it really makes an impact on your desire to get out of bed. There’s a difference between actually picking out your clothes the night before and having a vision of what you might wear. Take the time to try on (and set aside) an ensemble for the next day because we all know outfits can go wrong last minute. Feeling confident about what you’ve picked out will obviously make you excited to get out of bed and put it on!

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2. Keep Your Room Clean

As we all know, a messy room = a messy life. You may not think the cleanliness of your room has an impact on your sleep, but it really does. When your living space is super scattered, so is your brain and your mood. When everything is super clean, you feel much more fresh, energized and ready to take on the day ahead.

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3. Start a Morning Routine You Enjoy

Whether it’s a 20-minute at-home workout or a protein smoothie for breakfast, give yourself something to look forward to each morning so that when the alarm goes off, instead of anticipating more sleep, you’re instead eager to hop out of bed and do something you enjoy.

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4. Finish Next-Day Tasks the Night Before

When you go to bed, it’s easy to put tasks off to the next morning. All you care about in the moment is resting your head on your pillow. Even though that’s the easy way out, think about how much more relaxed you’ll be if you take the time to complete those minor to-dos so you’re not stressed about them in the morning. When you wake up with a laundry list of tasks, you will use that snooze button to put them off as long as you can and absolutely dread getting out of bed.

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