5 Ways to Get Out of a School Slump

The first few days of school are always exciting. You've got your new supplies, new teachers and new classes to look forward to—but after a few weeks you're back in the cycle of homework and projects.

How do you get out of a school slump and keep your grades up?

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If you've fallen into some bad habits, it's time to turn it around. Maybe you always put off projects until the last minute, which can lead to a stressful night. Instead, start working on a project as early as possible. Once it's done, you'll be able to relax!

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Ask for Help

If you know French isn't your strong suit, ask your French whiz best friend to tutor you! When tests roll around, you'll be much more confident in your abilities.

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Reward Yourself

Splurge on a new pair of shoes or a nice lunch, or treat yourself to a movie with a friend—only if you put some serious work into your studies or a school project.

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Try Something New

If you've always felt that you'd be great at debate team but never actually made it to a meeting, now's the time to sign up. Shaking up your schedule will pull you out of the deepest slump (and will look great on your college applications).


Take on an Independent Study

Independent studies are an elective that you get to pick. From photography to strength training, get school credit for something you're actually passionate about.


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