Get There Safe With Austin Mahone & Allstate!

Austin Mahone has teamed up with The Allstate Foundation for the Get There Safe app and contest, encouraging teens to drive safely!get there safe austin mahone

The #GetThereSafe Campaign challenges teenagers across the nation to demonstrate smart and safe driving behaviors! By taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram to show that you arrived safely at your destination, you can enter the #GetThereSafe Challenge!

Once you enter, make sure your friends at school enter, too! It will increase the chances that your school will win the challenge and receive a visit from Austin this fall!

There are so many things you can do to practice safe driving, protecting not only yourself and your passengers, but people in other cars and even pedestrians!

Always make sure to wear you seatbelt, drive at a safe speed, stay focused and don't let other people in the car be a distraction! And if you don't drive just yet, share safe driving behaviors with your parents or anyone else who drives you around!

Download the app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch here and join us at to tell us what you do to make the road a safer place for drivers!