Get To Know You By IM5 Hits iTunes!

This week, IM5 released their second single, "Get To Know You," on iTunes, and it's already been a huge hit among longtime followers as well as new fans!Get to Know You IM5

Leading up the the song's release on August 12, the band did a five-day countdown on Twitter, and we were not disappointed on release day!

"Get To Know You" is a romantic track with an awesome beat and stunning vocals from the five boys. It also features an unforgettable rap breakdown!

Following the iTunes premiere fans Tweeted the band with their favorite lyrics!

IM5 announced on Twitter that the music video for "Get To Know You" was shot on August 6! We can't wait for that video to premiere!

You can order "Get To Know You" on iTunes here! Also join us at to meet other IM5 fans and share your favorite music video us!