8 Essential Ghost-Inspired Items To Get You 'Ghostbusters' Ready

With the release of the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters happening today, we think it's time to seriously consider joining their squad of paranormal girl power.

We may not have the opportunity to become real ghost hunters, but we can at least accessorize like one, right? Keep scrolling for a list of cute and ghost-friendly accessories that will have you looking extra fly.


1. Ghost Earrings: $22

These spooktacular little gems are sterling silver and shaped like itty-bitty ghosts.


(via Etsy)

2. Ghost Charm Bracelet: $14.99

We already love anything charm related, but knowing that a ghost bracelet exists just sent us over the edge. You can even personalize it and get your initial engraved.

ghost charm bracelet

(via Etsy)


3. Ghost Keychain: $3.65

Because you're always going to be too cute to spook, you need to carry this adorable keychain around with you forever.

ghost keychain

(via Zazzle)


4. Ghost iPhone Case: $25.00

Pouty little ghosts are our favorite kind, and adding a pink background in the mix makes it the perfect phone case for any aspiring lady-ghostbuster.

ghost iphone case

(via Red Bubble)


5. Ghostbusters Sweater: $38

When you want to give a nod to the OG Ghostbusters, flaunt this classic "Who you gonna call?" sweater.

Ghostbusters sweater

(via Etsy)


6. Ghost Necklace: $15

Normally, having a ghost wrapped around your neck sounds pretty terrifying, but we wouldn't mind if it were this adorable charm.

ghost necklace

(via Etsy)


7. Ghost Emoji Socks: $8.95

Emojis are everything, so of course we had to include these killer socks (pun intended).

ghost emoji socks

(via Emoji Island)


8. Ghost Leggings: $14.99-$16.99

Printed leggings always make a statement, but these ghostly ones will give your outfit exactly the extra flare it needs.

ghost leggings

(via Amazon)


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