This Los Angeles Cafe Serves Their Beverages in Giant Baby Bottles

Food vendors around the world have been serving their beverages in lightbulbs, science beakers and plenty of other bizarre items for quite some time now.

Just when we thought restaurants had run out of strange ways to serve their drinks, we stumbled across Sunday Cafe in Los Angeles, California.

They serve their fruity juices in giant baby bottles. Yep, you read that right.

Starting with balls of fresh fruit, you can then add your choice of their strawberry, pineapple or watermelon juice into your giant bottle.

You can't actually drink from the tip of the baby bottle, which is a bit disappointing, but at least you're provided with a rather large straw to slurp it all down.

You better believe we'll be making our way down to this café to drink from a giant baby bottle in the near future, even though we're not quite too sure how we feel about this trend.


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