12 Items You Absolutely Need to Snag for the Mystical Girl in Your Life

We love makeup, skincare and style as much as the next person, but we value healing, self-love and spirituality equally (well, maybe even more).

While most holiday gift guides will have you emptying your wallet to stock up on the latest eyeshadow palettes, face masks and accessories for your pals, we've decided to bring you some ideas that will help her dig a bit deeper.

Keep reading for 11 items you absolutely need to snag for the mystical girl in your life.

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1. Soul Journey Jewelry Nurture Your Soul Gemstone Bracelet: $70

This stunning set of three stacked bracelets is made up of Blue and White Snow Dumortierite Jasper and Sodalite, which bring tranquility and calmness to the soul. So not only will this bring some inner peace during a chaotic time of year, but it will do so in style. 

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2. Mazz Hanna x Orly Crystal-Infused Manicure Kit: $35

Mazz Hanna is the queen of the crystal manicure—just take one look at her Instagram and you'll be blown away by her work. But the mystical manicurist isn't accessible to everyone, so have her right at your fingertips (see what we did there?) by swooping up one of her crystal-infused manicure kits as part of her collab with Orly. Each polish included in her collaborative sets is not only infused with powerful crystals, but standalone crystals of the same are included in the sets as well.

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3. Chasin' Unicorns Crown Chakra Crystal Ritual Body Oil: $20 (until 12.2.19); $40 (after 12.2.19)

This vegan, cruelty-free body and under-eye oil, packed with florals and crystals, helps open our Crown Chakra. When our Crown Chakra is balanced, we experience inner wisdom, feel connected to others and life, can see the bigger picture, and feel a sense of serenity and wholeness, despite what's happening around us. On top of all that, this oil provides excellent post-bathing hydration or can be used on dry cuticles, too.


4. Chasin' Unicorns Aura Cleanser Bath Salts: $15 (until 12.2.19); $29 (after 12.2.19)

We all know that bath salts exfoliate and get rid of dead skin—but they're also used as a therapeutic formula to shed the body of negative energy. With the inclusion of calcite crystal, lemongrass essential oil and magnesium epsom salt, you have a rich consistency that not only sloughs away negativity, but also brings confidence, hope and lifted spirits to the mind and body.


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5. Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Dreams Body Serum: $52

We've already written about Crystal Hills Organics' Rose Quartz-infused Body Serum, but we think the spiritual gals in your life will also appreciate the Crystal Dreams Body Serum, made primarily of amethyst crystal, combined with organic black cumin seed oil, coconut oil, aloe extract and chamomile extract, which delivers silky soft, supple skin. Mixed in with lavender, ylang ylang and geranium essential oils, this promotes calm, inner peace and a relaxed state of mind.

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6. Longemity Crystal-Infused Water Bottle in Devotion $99.95

Complete with a handful of rose and clear quartz, when paired with water, the contents of this bottle form a crystal elixir, which means "miracle substance." Devotion, in particular, is said to restore balance, heal one's confidence and emotions, and attract love. Whether you know someone in a relationship or still looking for Prince Charming, this water bottle will most certainly attract—as it's an eye-catching accessory.

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7. Energy Muse Selenite Lamp (Medium): $59.95

One of the most common and useful crystals, selenite is used for good luck and protection—two of the most important things for a home or bedroom. A beautiful selenite lamp will light up a living space both literally and figuratively.

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8. 7 Sisters Keep Away Enemies Oil: $2.02

If you want to keep to the metaphysical vibes but not break the bank, 7 Sisters' Keep Away Enemies oil is your best bet. Not only is this a rare, inexpensive oil that you can't just swoop up just anywhere, it also serves a purpose that will appeal to all, given its name. Because this oil can be poured into a candle, perhaps grabbing a healing candle to accompany this gift will be your best bet.


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9. Liberate Emporium Deluxe Smudging Ritual: $38

Complete with one lemongrass braid, one white sage stick, three palo santo sticks, one turkey feather and one abalone shell with stand, this kit contains everything needed to protect and cleanse a person and their immediate environment.

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10. Pacifica Beauty Light Force Crystal Power Collection: $14.00

Set your intentions, cleanse your energy and smell refreshed all at once with this power-packed set that includes two crystal-infused perfume oils, three crystals and nine crystal affirmation cards.

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11. Tarot for Self Care: $17.99

This powerful guide combines our two fave things: wellness and manifestation. Throughout the book's 256 pages, it dives into various aspects of the tarot, including dozens of different spreads and techniques, highly detailed interpretations with actionable self-care tips of all 78 Rider-Waite deck cards—and pretty much everything else you need to turn a tarot deck into your new favorite self-care tool. Even if your pal isn't up to speed with this practice, this book is an incredibly comprehensive read—one she'll appreciate for multiple reasons.

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12. Rock Grace Crystal Elixir Bottle: $18

Toast to happy days ahead with your spiritual pal by pouring out glasses of this blush pink elixir infused with a variety of crystals, botanicals, and adaptogens that stimulate strength, grace, beauty, and love. The energy of the crystals and fine botanical and superherb ingredients enhance the formula, calming anxiety and stress while promoting mental and physical wellness and empowerment. Added bonus? It's calorie and sweetener-free, so enjoy the mindful benefits sans sugary guilt.

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