The Perfect Gifts for 19-Year-Old Gals

19 may be the last year that someone can actually be called a "teenager," but that doesn't make it any easier to buy a 19-year-old gal a gift.

After all, there's a huge difference between an almost-20-year-old and a 13-year-old, so you can't exactly get them the same thing and expect a great response. Instead, you can impress with your gifting skills by giving her one of the items from our list of the perfect gifts for 19-year-old ladies.

This Gorgeous Rope Chain Necklace: $39

At 19, most women are ready to level up their style with things that are a bit more classic rather than just trendy. That's exactly what makes this dainty rope chain necklace from Admiral Row such a perfect pick, as it goes with almost any outfit or sense of style.

Admiral Row Dainty Chain Necklace

(via Admiral Row)


These Platform White Booties: $69.98

Speaking of leveling up in terms of style, these platform booties from Amazon are great for helping her do just that. To make them even better, they have a non-slip grip built into the bottoms, so she can trek every which way that life takes her.

Ruanyu Store Womens Platform Ankle Boots

(via Amazon)


This One-Sentence Journal: $25

Set the 19-year-old gal you know up for success with this gift of a one-sentence journal, which is a simple and fun way to stay on track and in tune with life without needing to take up too much time or energy on a fancy journal or difficult prompts.

The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal

(via The Happiness Project)


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A Sporty Halara Skort Dress: $39.95

This skort dress from Halara was everywhere on TikTok in 2022, and it's not hard to imagine why. It's comfortable, comes in a wide variety of colors and even has built-in pockets hidden in the shorts section. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Halara Everyday Cloudful dress

(via Halara)


A Mini Fridge Meant to Hold Skincare: $32.20

19-year-olds are big into skincare these days, making this gift of a skincare minifridge the perfect option.

The Chefman store portable personal fridge

(via Amazon)


This Skincare Set From Glossier: $35

Speaking of skincare, she'll need a solid selection of products to fill that fridge, right? This kit from Glossier (a favorite brand of 19-year-old women everywhere) has her entire daily skincare routine covered, from cleanser to serums and everything else in between.

Glossier the Skincare edit

(via Glossier)


This Multi-Purpose Hair Styling Tool: $34

Whether she's off to college and needs something to save space or just needs a do-it-all tool to keep her hair looking and feeling its best, this Remington Multi-Styler can do it all.

REmington Pro Multi Styler

(via Target)


This Light-up Vanity Mirror: $27

She'll need something to help her use all that skincare and hair styling tools, which is where this vanity mirror comes into play. Compact yet powerful, this portable LED mirror can be a lifesaver during busy moments when getting ready is difficult.

Fuonul store makeup vanity mirror

(via Amazon)


A Candle Set for Self-Care Nights In: $20

Aromatherapy plus an ultra-cute design? Yeah, these candles are ticking all the boxes. Plus, it comes in a set of four to impress both now and later with a scent for every mood.

keve store aromatherapy candle pack

(via Amazon)


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Lululemon Leggings That Will Last for Ages: $98

And finally, for a gift that will really make you her favorite person: Lululemon leggings. While just about anything from this brand will make her happy, these famed leggings are just the right combination of cute and comfy to make her fall in love with them (and make you her favorite person for picking them out) in no time.

luluemon align high rise pant

(via Lululemon)


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