The Perfect Gifts for True Crime Fans

There's a good chance that you know someone who is always trying to get you to watch the latest murder documentary or who seems to be listening to true crime podcasts at all times.

Whether you actually enjoy hearing about these often-gruesome stories yourself or not, we all seem to have a total true crime fanatic in our lives. So, what should you get this person when the time to get them a gift comes around? We can think of a few frightfully good items. Here's your list of the perfect gifts for true crime fans:

This Makeup Bag for the Coffee Drinker and True Crime Consumer: $14.89

If you know a true crime fan who's always on the go (and always with a to-go cup of coffee in their hand), this makeup bag from Amazon is the perfect gift pick.

fueled by true crime makeup bag

(via Amazon)


This Cute Sweatshirt for the Cozy Crime Fan: $14.99

If the true crime fan you know would like to say that they like "murder shows, comfy clothes and maybe three people," you won't find a better gift than this cute sweatshirt from Etsy that says just that.

oysterwithpearls true crime sweater

(via OystersWithPearls)


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This Mug That Speaks Volumes: $15.95+

Also from Etsy, this mug is the perfect gift for the fan who always, always has their earbuds in while listening to a true crime tale told over a podcast.

true crime podcast mug

(via DanTheManMug)


This Subtle Bracelet That My Favorite Murder Fans Will Love: $11.92

The podcast My Favorite Murder is, well, a favorite of many true crime fans out there. For the fan that you know, impress them with this perfectly picked gift, which is just subtle enough to have a ring of "if you know, you know" to it.

SSDGM my favorite murder true crime bracelet

(via Amazon)


A True Crime Cookbook Full of Tasty Tidbits: $15.95

A true crime cookbook may seem disturbing, at least at first. However, the true fan you know will love the creativity of this gift, which comes packed with true crime trivia and "disturbingly delicious meals from death row's most infamous killers."

the serial killer cookbook

(via Amazon)


This Game for the Wannabe Detective: $26.97

You know that person that always wants to be the one to solve a cold case every time a new story breaks on the news? This game is the perfect gift for them, as it allows them to play a cold case detective sorting through documents, photos and other evidence to crack the case.

Unsolved case files mystery game

(via Amazon)


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This American Female Serial Killer Coloring Book: $12

For the fan who just can't sit still unless they're doing something to distract their brain, nothing is more soothing than coloring in images of America's deadliest female serial killers, right?

american female serial killers coloring book

(via Amazon)


While it might not be everyone's cup of tea, true crime is beloved by many. If you've got a fan in your own life, at least you now have a better idea of what to get them next time you're shopping for a gift. If you're shopping for something a little less spooky, though, try checking out some of our gift ideas for 16-year-old girls by clicking HERE.