4 Gifts to Get Yourself This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving now behind us and the Christmas lights going up everywhere, it's officially time to get gifting.

But while you might already have a list of items in mind to get for those close to you, you may be forgetting about one important person on your list: yourself! We've all had a tough enough year (or two), so why not reward yourself with a little something special under the tree? Here are some ideas for gifts to get yourself this holiday season:

1. New Skincare

Taking care of yourself should be a priority year-round, but things like skincare can be especially important during the stressful holiday season. So, while you're out at the shops anyway, stop by the skincare aisle and grab a little something for yourself (a new vitamin C serum or ultra-soothing moisturizer for the winter cold are a couple of good ideas).

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2. A Book (or a Few)

With all the constant stimulation we're surrounded by these days, sometimes there's nothing nicer than simply unwinding with a good book (yes, the physical kind with actual pages). Plus, simply strolling through a bookstore is a pretty fun experience, so peruse the shelves to your heart's content and head out with a new book or two in hand to keep you entertained when the holiday gatherings become too much.

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3. A Houseplant

There's a reason so many people became "plant parents" during the pandemic—having some greenery around just makes you happier! If you'd love to freshen up your space with a bit of living décor, there are plenty of easy-to-care-for plants to get your collection started. Try wandering through a local plant store and see which ones call to you, but when in doubt a snake plant or succulent is always a good place to start.


4. Art and Craft Supplies

Do you have a hobby you seem to have set aside in the last few months? Many of us do, which is why it's important to treat yourself sometimes with something that inspires you to get back to doing those things you love. If you love to draw or paint, pick yourself up a new set of paintbrushes or other supplies. If you're more of a DIY crafting queen, just raid the nearest Michael's or local craft store and see what you can find—it's also a win-win if you can craft something that works as a gift for someone else as well.

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While these are just a few simple ideas, all in all, it's important to remember to include yourself in the people you appreciate and treat this holiday season. There's no shame in thinking, "You know who would like this? Me," when doing all your holiday shopping. Just remember not to forget everyone else at the same time!

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