Gigantic! Chocolate Bars Are Plant-Based, Sortasweet Candy That's Just as Good as the Real Deal

If you're anything like me, chocolate is one of your biggest weaknesses.

Even when I know I definitely don't need it, I find myself reaching for that candy bar at the checkout aisle. And while the first couple of creamy bites are usually everything I dreamed they would be, I usually find myself thinking I would have been better off without the indulgence.

So when the folks behind Gigantic! sortasweet chocolate bars reached out to me, I was immediately curious—firstly because their candies sounded delicious, and secondly because they seemed to be offering everything I'd been hoping for in a chocolate bar. They sent me a variety pack including a couple of each unique flavor, and I have to say that after trying them all, I am hooked.

The Brand

Gigantic!'s vegan chocolate bars do things a little bit different than your traditional candy bar. Each bar contains only seven grams of sugar, and is designed to satiate your sweet tooth without being overly sweet or leaving you feeling sluggish afterward. That's 69% less sugar than traditional candy bars.

The brand also uses fairtrade, sustainably sourced dark chocolate in all of their bars. They include plant-based caramel and are made with real ingredients including almond butter, coconut milk and Madagascar vanilla. They're also completely gluten-free, and each bar contains five grams of fiber, plus at least three grams of protein, plus calcium, iron and vitamin D.

The bars come in four flavors: Salted Peanut, Hazelnut Cafe, Banana Pecan and Almond Horchata. Each bar is 1.48 oz. They're currently available in eight packs, whether you're looking to buy eight of a single flavor or a variety pack including two of each bar, which retails for $27.99.

Gigantic bar variety

(via Gigantic!)


The Bars

Salted Peanut

On my little journey with Gigantic!, I could not have gotten started off on a better note than with their Salted Peanut flavor, which felt like a safe entry point. The dark chocolate outside of the bar is embedded with large grains of salt, giving a hint to the tastiness contained within. One bite, and I knew that while this bar wasn'incredibly sweet, it hit all of the right notes in terms of chocolate, caramel and salty peanut taste. Better yet, I was able to eat the whole tasty thing without feeling like junk. If you've been craving a Snickers but not wanting that post-Snickers slump, this is the bar for you.

Gigantic salted peanut bar

(via Gigantic!)


Hazelnut Cafe

After my first Gigantic! bar, I was more than excited to dig into my second, and the Hazelnut Cafe bar was calling my name. Inside of this bar's dark chocolate shell was gooey, coffee-tinged caramel packed with chunks of earthy, delicious hazelnut. This bar has the light sweetness of a latte, as well as all of the bitterness you'd expect from one, and I love it. The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is just what a Nutella-lover is craving.

Gigantic hazelnut cafe bar

(via Gigantic!)


Banana Pecan

I have to admit I wasn'super keen on this Banana Pecan bar based on its name alone, but once I took one bite, I saw that my hesitancy was unwarranted. The bar's rich banana flavor immediately conjured to mind freshly baked banana bread, and the addition of pecans and dark chocolate made me feel like they were simply mix-ins in the bread. It's so good I've even had one for breakfast with zero regrets.

Gigantic banana pecan bar

(via Gigantic!)


Almond Horchata

Last but not least, I went for the Almond Horchata bar, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect from it. At the end of my taste test, it might have actually been my favorite of the four flavors. The caramel in this bar is packed with the flavors of cinnamon and vanilla, as well as bits of tasty almond. Its rich dark chocolate coating made this a flavor combination made in heaven, and just like the others, I could eat the whole thing and still feel amazing.

Gigantic Almond Horchata bar

(via Gigantic!)


Bottom Line

Gigantic! makes some of the tastiest chocolate bars I've had in a long time, and their focus on good-for-you ingredients, without packing on extra and unnecessary sugar, means I'll definitely be returning to the brand in the future. I love how delicious and satisfying they are just as much as I love the fact that I never feel logy after eating them. If there is one downside, it's that they cost a bit more than your standard chocolate bar. They're not particularly big, and they sell for about $3.50 each, so they're not the most cost-efficient option out there. Even so, I think they're worth every penny. I am a gigantic fan of Gigantic!


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