We all have at least one friend who is completely and totally obsessed with the popular television show, Gilmore Girls. That “friend” may even be you.

We’d tango with the quick-witted Gilmore gang any day of the week. And after the Netflix revival, our fangirling is at an all-time high.

Get inspired by this gift guide including the perfect present for any Gilmore Girls-lover on your list (or your own annual letter to Santa):

Luke’s Diner Mug: $12.80

What screams Gilmore more than coffee? You can never go wrong with a good mug, especially when it embodies your bestie’s favorite TV show or book series.

Luke's diner mug

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Yale Sweatshirt: $39.99

Rory may have had her heart set on Harvard her entire life, but a real Gilmore Girls fan would know that she threw a curveball our way and decided to attend Yale instead to study journalism. This official Yale sweatshirt comes in a variety of fun colors, but we think the cotton candy pink is adorbs.

Pink Yale crew neck sweatshirt

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Gilmore Girls Pencil Set: $17.95

Your BFF won’t be letting anyone in class borrow one of these pencils anytime soon. Not only does this set of 9 come in an assortment of fun colors, but they are also adorned with some of the best quotes from the show.


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Luke’s Diner Cookie Cutter: $5.34

This gift tackles two of your friend’s favorite things in one: Baking and Stars Hollow.

Luke's diner cookie cutter

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Chilton-Inspired Plaid Skirt: $61

Fangirls come in all different shades: Some want their rooms decked out in everything related to the show’s merchandise, and others want to become the characters themselves. For your friend who would happily swap lives with Rory Gilmore, gift a skirt inspired by her famous Chilton uniform.

Blue plaid skirt similar to Rory's Chilton uniform

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Drumstick Pencils: $8

Lane and music are like peanut butter and jelly. These drumstick pencils will allow you to rock and roll like Lane Kim even when you’re in class.

Drumstick pencils

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Babette Ate Oatmeal Shirt: $19.99

Obscure references are the life-force of a true fan. Get your Gilmore Girls-loving friend a shirt that says, “We bond through our love of GG trivia.”

'Babette ate oatmeal' tee shirt

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Paul Anka-Inspired Stuffed Animal: $48.39

The Gilmore family grew when Paul Anka, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, was introduced to the show. Gift your friend her very own Paul Anka to snuggle all night long.

Sheepdog stuffed animal hand puppet to look like Paul Anka

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Stars Hollow Restaurant Coasters: $8.75

Luke’s Diner may be everyone’s favorite joint in Stars Hollow, but it certainly isn’t the only place to grab a cup of coffee. This set of four coasters takes a tour through our favorite small town.

Four Stars Hollow restaurant coasters

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Gilmore Girls Candle Set: $31.65

These candles are inspired by three generations of Gilmore Girls. Lorelai’s scent is a zingy combination of coffee and birch trees, Rory’s scent embodies her love of books and Emily’s scent has hints of lavender and mahogany to represent her classy gentility.

Set of three Gilmore Girls candles

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Eat Like a Gilmore Cookbook: $15.44

Binge-watch the series while you veg out on some of the best recipes from the show. This cookbook takes a crack at the Gilmores’ favorite meals so that we can all partake in the feasting festivities.

Eat Like a Gilmore cookbook

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Rory’s Reading List Poster: $15.18

This poster includes every single book that Rory read through the seven seasons of the series. Get this gift for your bookworm friend so she can work her way through Rory’s comprehensive list.

Rory's Reading List poster

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Doose’s Market Tote Bag: $9.99

This Doose’s shopping bag is the only tote you’ll ever need again. Feel like you truly live in Stars Hollow by bringing this reusable bag along for all of your shopping needs.

Doose's Market inspired tote bag

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Hep Alien Band Shirt: $28.00

Hep Alien may have been quirkier than they meant to be, but we can’t get enough of this lovable bunch of rockers. Wear your love loud and proud with this shirt inspired by Lane’s garage band.

Hep Alien inspired tee shirt

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Gilmore Girls Pop! Figures: $29.99

We are in love with Pop! figures because every single one of them is downright adorable. This set of three Gilmore Girls figures aren’t on shelves just yet, but you can pre-order them HERE now before supplies sell out.

Pop! Vinyl characters of Sookie, Rory, and Lorelai

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Chilton Crest Patch: $4

Iron this patch onto your favorite jacket and instantly feel like a Chilton student.

Chilton crest patch

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Luke’s + Dragonfly Inn Hat: $24.99

This baseball hat ships one of our all-time favorite character couples, Luke and Lorelai. The dragonfly is the perfect nod to Lorelai’s Inn. Plus, you can wear it backwards with a flannel shirt if you’re in the mood to channel Luke’s style.

Baseball cap with Luke's diner and Dragonfly Inn logos

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This gift guide is getting us super excited for the season of giving. But before you start your holiday shopping, make sure to check out THESE tips on how to shop the right way.