Playful Ginny & Georgia Quotes to Use as Instagram Captions

Ginny & Georgia has had us absolutely captivated since it dropped last month on Netflix.

Telling the story of a young mom named Georgia and her two kids, Ginny and Austin, the story is funny, dramatic and full of intrigue in a way we weren't expecting. After its thrilling first season, we seriously can't wait to see where it'll go next.

If you're right there along with us, you know how exciting and quotable the show is. So why not use one of its lines as your next Instagram caption? Here are a few options to get you started.

For when you're moving through life and not quite sure what you're doing:

"I feel like I'm in a board game and I don't know any of the rules."


Ginny & Georgia: Ginny smiling

(Ginny & Georgia via Netflix)


For that pic of you and your mom in which your mother is actually way cooler than you:

"I'm nothing like my mom."



For the pic of you and your ride-or-die bestie:

"It's me and you against the world, kid. Remember that."


Ginny & Georgia: Driving together

(Ginny & Georgia via Netflix)


For the selfie that shows that you're sweet and feisty:

"You win more flies with honey, but if you get yourself a bee, sting first."


Ginny & Georgia: Doing Ginny's hair

(Ginny & Georgia via Netflix)


For when you've been single for as long as you can remember:

"Momma's dating life is like that desert—nothing in sight as far as the eye can see."



For when you're ready to move on from whatever held you back in the past:

"Never look backwards, only forward. It don't do any good digging through mud. All you get is dirty. Best wash yourself clean and move on."



For the epic walk-in closet filled with all the clothes you could ever desire:

"I want my ashes scattered in this closet."


Ginny & Georgia: Maxine in pink jacket

(Ginny & Georgia via Netflix)


For when you just don't care about what your ex is doing anymore:

"Indifference is the best revenge."



For that flawlessly blended makeup look:

"If they can see where your makeup ends and your face begins, you've done it wrong."



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