PREMIERE: Giovanni Niubo Celebrates Those Who Believed in Him in New Song 'Bets on U'

18-year-old actor and singer-songwriter Giovanni Niubo is a huge talent on the rise, and his new single, "Bets on U" is just a taste of the big things he has in store for fans in 2022.

The catchy new song was released last month and is all about the people who trusted him and put faith in his creative vision along his musical journey, resulting in a feel-good track that captures both Giovanni's great voice and his unique approach to music. We love the way his K-pop influences shine through in the different aspects of "Bets on U"—and today, Giovanni is premiering the video first on Sweety High! Keep reading to discover what Giovanni told us about "Bets on U" and its lyrics—and check out the video right here!

The Story Behind 'Bets on U'

Giovanni Niubo: "Bets On U" is a concept that I came up with during summer of 2021 when I was at a point in my career where I was in the "in between," meaning I wasn't just starting out but I wasn't anywhere near my goal either, and a few people saw my potential and believed in me enough to help me achieve my dreams. This was something that I wasn't used to. I usually do everything on my own, but for once I felt like people were taking a chance on me—like they were placing their bets on me. I decided to flip it over and write it from their point of view rather than mine, and my producer loved the concept and "Bets On U" was born.


What 'Bets on U' Means

GN: To me, "Bets On U" will always have a special place in my heart because it reminds me of the moment I finally felt seen as an artist. It meant so much to me so I had to write about it. I wanted to make it a fun upbeat song for the listeners, and I hope they enjoy it at any time of their life, during a pool party with friends, or just vibing at home alone while cleaning their room. I just want them to have fun.


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Giovanni's Favorite Lyric

GN: My favorite lyric is "I'm feeling kind of lucky and I'm placing all my bets on you," because we've all had that gut feeling about something, that we just know is right, and we can't necessarily explain why—we just feel it. Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw, but oftentimes, it really is a feeling, and I think it's something a lot of people can relate to.


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