11 Things Only a Girl with a Guy BFF Will Understand

Being a girl with a guy best friend definitely has its perks.

As much as we love to shop, gush about boys and watch sappy movies with our closest gal pals, having a male as a bestie can (most times) mean less drama and a guaranteed date to school dances (if he's single, that is).

Lizzie and Gordo from "Lizzie McGuire" slow dancing

(Lizzie McGuire via Disney Channel)

But that's not all! If you're a girl with a guy BFF, read on and totally relate to the 11 below truths:

1. Fights with your male bestie are few and far between. The only time you guys typically go without speaking is when you call him out for dating someone who is totally undeserving of his affection (after some time goes by, he almost always comes to his senses and thanks you for rightfully looking out!).

Barry and Shelby from Disney Channel's "Best Friends Whenever"

(Best Friends Whenever via Disney Channel)

2. You and his mom and sister may as well be BFFs as well! Whether you're popping by his house unexpectedly to see if he's around, or calling his house phone to get a sense of his whereabouts, you've likely had many friendly encounters with the real leading ladies in his life–and your Facebook feed is full of "likes" and comments from them in support of everything you do.

3. You don't worry about looking fancy or wearing too much makeup around him. Even if your BFF is a total babe, you're kind of past the whole dress-to-impress phase. You two are super comfortable around each other and you can wear whatever you please in his presence.

Miley and Oliver from "Hannah Montana" wearing sweaters with animals on them

(Hannah Montana via Disney Channel)

4. Even though he's your go-to for everything, attempting to get an outfit approval from a guy bestie is usually a waste of time. These are the moments you really wish you had one of your girlfriends by your side. T-shirt or tank top? They're all the same to him!

5. Whenever you complain about being single, your mom reminds you that hanging out with a guy 24/7 isn't exactly helping you get noticed by additional members of the opposite sex. It's a bummer to hear, but sometimes you've just gotta spread your wings.

6. Overeating, burping and other such habits are totally normal when the two of you are together. Again, your comfort level with him is unlike any other. It would be weird not to talk about your snoring problem, right?

Trish from "Austin and Ally" eating a sub sandwich

(Austin & Ally via Disney Channel)

7. Co-ed slumber parties tend to be parent-approved with your boy BFF. After all, you two are just friends. But he better be sleeping on the floor or couch!

8. Even though you don't have romantic feelings for your guy bestie, you're so used to spending time with him that you get taken aback when ::gasp:: he tells you he's doing a guy's night out or has a date. All of his precious time should belong to you, right? Sigh.

9. Your girlfriends adore him. He's like one of the gang! Unlike with some of the guys you've dated, your boy BFF gets the stamp of approval from the most important females in your life, because, duh—he's the best. He never (intentionally) lets you down.

Gordo, Lizzie and Miranda having a pillow fight

(Lizzie McGuire via Disney Channel)

10. Taking selfies is a cinch! Unlike with your girlfriends who retake shot after shot, your male partner-in-crime couldn't care less about that piece of hair in front of his face or the zit on his chin. Keep the photos coming!

11. You have a built-in set of potential suitors to choose from, thanks to being such close friends with a guy. Brown hair, brown eyes, 6'1? Yep, you can pull him out of your guy bestie's male crowd.


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