It's Family Game Night In Next Episode Of Girl Meets World!

In tonight's new episode of Girl Meets World, "Girl Meets Game Night," Cory wants to spend some quality time with his kids and forces Riley (Rowan Blanchard) to choose between the importance of her family and her friends!girl meets world family game night

Inevitably, Riley chooses her pals, and her father is shocked to see Maya, Farkle and Lucas at the front door to invade the Matthews family's monthly game night!

We'll see how Cory decides to navigate the situation. By trying to get Riley to pick the family over her friends, he might push her away even further!

Meanwhile, it appears more sparks will fly between Maya and her crush, Riley's uncle Josh, who's also there to play!

"Girl Meets Game Night" airs tonight, Friday, January 9, at 8:30pm on the Disney Channel, so don't miss it!

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