Girl Meets World Trailer Teases Upcoming Show!

The first footage from the upcoming Disney Channel series, Girl Meets World teases the new show. Fans will love seeing the familiar faces of Cory and Topanga from the original series, Boy Meets World!

In the new show, a spinoff of the classic 90s series, Cory and Tapanga are now married, with a 12-year-old daughter named Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard! The new half-minute clip shows us the first glimpse of the family dynamic.

When Riley and her BFF Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) try to sneak out the window, they're quickly caught by Riley's dad, who still seems to know some of his teenage tricks.

He informs her that, for now, she lives in his world. It's up to her to create a world for herself, but no matter what, her parents will always be there for her!

Though no solid date has been announced just yet, we absolutely cannot wait for Girl Meets World to air this summer!

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