Girl Power Hackathon, ChimeHack, Empowers Girls!

Twitter has been making big steps over the last week to become a girl power company. On Thursday, Marjorie M. Scardino joined their board of directors, and Twitter hosted an awesome girl power hackathon!Girl Power Hackathon

Last week, Twitter announced it was hiring Marjorie M. Scardino onto its board of directors. Scardino is the first woman to be on Twitter's eight-member board.

Twitter also hosted an all-female hackathon in San Francisco in which women coded apps to build solutions that might help girls and woman all around the world! The event also celebrated the power of women in technological fields.

The three-day event. called ChimeHack, was hosted by Twitter, Women Who Code and Gucci's Chime for Change.

Participants created apps to complete several challenges, including creating apps that boost career skills in specific fields, gamified apps for kids to use with their parents, ones that track the achievement of girl power icons and more.

$50,000 was given to the team that built the best app, called Sprouts. Sprouts is an app that  simulates to represent the stories of awesome female leaders using pictures!

We can't wait to see Sprouts in action, and we hope even more events like this will be able to show what women are capable of!

How would you use an app to promote girl power? Join us at Sweety High and let us know!