Girl Power Nike Spec Aims To Empower Women!

Director Neil Payne of RockChalk pictures has started a new crowdfunding campaign to create a potential Nike commercial with girl power in mind! The project is aptly titled "Girl Power"!Girl Power Nike Spec

In the ad, a young female soccer player named Hope Solo faces off against a whole team of male soccer players. Through dedication and persistence, she manages to weave and kick her way past the bigger players to score the winning goal!

Payne hopes to be able to tell the story of a young girl who overcomes the odds to achieve her full potential. The commercial hopes to encourage girls to aim high and not let anything get in the way of their goals!

But for the ad to become a reality, "Girl Power" needs funding. That's why Payne launched a two-month campaign on the crowdfunding site Vision Launch to raise $9000 by May 17!

The money would be used to produce and film the commercial, which could potentially be seen by Nike fans across the world and help spread the girl power message!

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