Girl Power Playlist: Our Favorites for Summer 2014!

The official start of summer isn't until the end of June, but we're kicking things off early with a summer girl power playlist!girl power playlist 2014 summer

We've picked nine of our favorite girl power tracks from the last year or so that will really empower you to take on the world this summer break! Check out our list and tell us what you think!

"Let It Go" by Demi Lovato/Idina Menzel

Ever since "Let It Go" appeared in the film Frozen it's remained strong on the Billboard charts and enchanted fans of all ages. It's is a song about embracing who you really are, and not letting people put you down. Once you overcome your fears, you can accomplish anything, whether it's being your buckself or building your own frozen ice kingdom, and that's what girl power is all about!

"Little Me" by Little Mix

In "Little Me," the gals of Little Mix sing about their past selves. As girls they often felt downcast and powerless. They now wish they could speak to themselves as young girls and let them know they were always strong, beautiful and amazing. The track reminds all young people to try to overcome their limits and realize that they have the power to make a difference and, most of all, be happy.

"Roar" by Katy Perry

"Roar" tells the story of a girl who never had a say before finally realizing the power she has inside of her. Now, as an empowered young woman, she decides she's going to have an impact on the world. She's going to make her presence known and no one is going to stop her!

"Royals" Lorde

Lorde was just 16 when the song "Royals" was unleashed on the world and immediately jumped to the top of the charts, not only in her native New Zealand but around the world. The song ridicules the luxury and excess of the stereotypical musician lifestyle, stressing instead the importance of friendship and knowing where you come from.

"Hold On" Sweet Suspense

Sweet Suspense's "Hold On" may be a remake of the Wilson Phillips classic, but the message is as relevant today as it was when the original track was released! The song teaches us that sometimes the biggest thing hold us back is just us. Overcoming challenges and hanging in there is the road to success, and it's always easier with a couple of your best pals by your side!

"Carry On" Olivia Holt

Though "Carry On" is the theme song for the DisneyNature movie Bears, its message of perseverance really applies to everyone. The song reminds us that we will always face obstacles in life that may seem insurmountable, but as long as we stick together and keep trying, we'll always make it out in the end!

"Miss Movin' On" Fifth Harmony

In "Miss Movin' On," Fifth Harmony sing triumphantly about overcoming a bad situation, moving on and coming out on the other end as powerful young ladies. They've overcome their fragility and innocence, and don't plan on ever going back. Together, the girls can take on the world!

"I'm Not Sorry" Celeste Buckingham

Celeste Buckingham's "I'm Not Sorry" was dedicated to females around the globe especially for International Women's Day. In the track, Celeste explains that she will never apologize for being a woman. She refuses to be stereotyped and categorized for her actions. What gets more girl power than that?

"My Day" Danielle Bradbery 

"My Day" was an anthem at the 2014 Winter Oylmpics in Sochi earlier this year. Danielle likens her life to that of a lotus, growing from a seed out of the dirt, and becoming strong and beautiful with the help of some rain and sunshine. The song is about embracing each and every day and the opportunity it affords to its full potential!

What do you think of our list, Sweetys? Comment below with your favorite girl power songs, old and new, and become a part of our girl power community at!