Sweety High's Girl Power Toy Gift Guide For 2014!

Want to inspire the younger girls in your life this holiday season? Get them a gift that helps their brains and is a ton of fun, too with the help of this girl power gift guide!2014 girl power gift guide

Goldie Bloxgoldie blox girl power gift guide

Goldie Blox is an innovative building toy that combine construction sets with accompanying storybooks that inspire girls to think outside the box and use engineering to solve problems. By communicating these ideas verbally, these tasks help girls create amazing inventions and gain confidence in their spatial abilities! Check out their shop here!

Roominateroominate girl power gift guide

Roominate is also a building toy, but takes a totally different approach to introducing girls to science and engineering. Kits include interconnecting pieces that allow girls to build their dream homes, including furniture, staircases and working elevators, fans, lights and more. It allows girls to build to their hearts' content while they develop hands-on problem solving skills. Buy a kit here!

Lammilylammily girl power gift guide

Lammily fashion dolls are based on the average proportions a 19-year-old American girl, setting a more realistic example for young girls. After all, if Barbie were real, her unrealistic proportions would leave her unable to hold her head up and force her to walk on all fours. Not only can Lammily wear a ton of great outfits, but she can also be customized with moles, scars, freckles and more to be fully customized! Order your doll before December 15 here to get it in time for Christmas!

IAmElementaliamelemental action figures girl power gift guide

IAmElemental are superhero action figures for girls. Rather than exhibiting traditional super powers, their powers come from the traits that live within each of us, such as Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence and Fear. The figures are currently on back-order but you can order now and get them in January!

What do you think of these girl empowering gift ideas for the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comments below and share your own favorite girl power gifts in our community at Sweety High!