This Little Girl's Accidental Letter to a Utility Company Earned Her a New Hamster

When 8-year-old Serenity wanted a new hamster, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

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The D.C.-based second-grader put together a letter listing all the reasons why she wanted a new furry friend. Her logic included that a hamster would teach her responsibility, allow her to make more friends and help her to do better in school.

Serenity planned to send her letter to Petco, a well-known pet supply store, but there was just one small problem. Instead of sending her letter to Petco, she accidentally sent her animal-related request to Pepco, a D.C. utility company.

Although the mistake had the potential to cost Serenity her new pet, the utility company was so impressed by her straightforward request that they decided to give her a hamster anyway.

Last Friday, Serenity made the trip to Pepco's headquarters and received her new hamster, whom she lovingly named Brick Hamster.

We're sure Brick and Serenity will live happily ever after.

Click HERE to see the new pet owner and her little one at their first meeting!


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