10 Trends Girls Love But Guys Simply Don't Get

Have you ever checked yourself out in the mirror before heading out and thought, "Dang, I look good!"—but when you meet up with your guy friends, they make fun of your outfit?

Yeah—we've all been there. It's not so much that they think we look ugly, they just don't understand the trend or style we're wearing.

While we aren't changing our fashion choices because of guys, it's always interesting to get into their mindset. Check out 10 trends girls love but guys simply don't get:


1. High-Waisted Shorts or Pants

Ah, the classic high-waisted bottoms debate. Are they cute? Do they make our figures look better? Are they flattering on all body types? These are the questions we've been asking ourselves because of guys. A lot of boys make fun of the style because it can sometimes look too tight in strange places. And if that's the case, you probably need to throw that pair out and find a better-fitting one, because high waisted bottoms rock!

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2. Brimmed Hats

No, we absolutely don't look like Indiana Jones when we wear brimmed hats, no matter how many times our guy friends may tell us. While some dudes understand fashion and actually appreciate the style, there are a select few out there who think we look like Crocodile Dundee when we rock a structured hat. But they better get used to it, because with fall quickly approaching, we plan on wearing them all the time.


3. Bright Lipstick

A bright red lip is pretty much always hot to guys, but there are other bright colors that make them question our sanity. A flashing orange or a vibrant purple are just a couple examples of hues that guys don't appreciate. Makeup is something that most guys don't venture into, so they don't understand how fun it is to play around with different shades. Our faces are canvases, and we are the artists!


4. Big Sweaters

Oversized sweaters are a girl's best friend (sorry Marilyn Monroe). They're comfy and keep us warm—especially when the air gets brisk and we need something to keep us cozy. However, guys look at them and say we dress like grandmas. They can be right, if, for example, the pattern on the sweater is dated and vintage-looking. But if that's your style, go for it.


5. Colored Hair

Sometimes we get bored and put a bit of hair chalk or temporary dye in our locks. It's a fun and non-permanent way to stray from our usual look. But prepare yourself, because you're probably going to receive some feedback from the guys in your life. Some of them are going to totally dig it, while others are going to think you look like your gothic long-lost twin. Who cares, because as long as you're happy and you feel good, that's all that matters.


6. Contouring

If your boyfriend or even brother has ever seen you do a full face of makeup, contour and all, they've certainly had some questions for you. They probably didn't understand why you were drawing lines all over your face, only to blend and smear them in. "You can't even tell!"—they may say. To which the answer is, "Thank you, that's the point." You've aced the no-makeup makeup look, my friend.


7. Overalls

We like to refer to overalls as farmer-chic. While they were originally donned by farmers working the fields, fashionistas recognized the great style opportunity and took it for themselves. They're versatile because we can wear them when we're feeling ultra-lazy and even when we want to look like 100 bucks. Guys think we're trying to look hipster and trendy, when in actuality, overalls are simply an easy option that looks great on us.


8. Super High Heels

It's the end of the night and you've been walking for hours, aka time to take the heels off. Whether it's prom night or you went out on a date, the situation is always the same—you end up barefoot. The guy(s) you're with get annoyed because every time you wear heels you do this. It's not our fault that they don't understand the saying, "Fashion is pain!"


9. Face Masks

By this point, you've probably done more face masks than you can count. If you're a girl with knowledge of the beauty world, you know how beneficial a good face mask can be for our skin. But a lot of guys don't get it. They think it's a fad and that we just like doing them because they're fun. Like no, it's not "fun" spending an hour every night making sure our skin stays flawless, Chad.


10. Retro Bathing Suits

If you've ever worn a retro styled bathing suit in front of your guy friends, they may have questioned your outfit choice. They look at it as an outdated style, but for us gals who don't feel the need slip into a skimpy, itty bitty bikini, it's the perfect style to highlight some of our curves and show off our womanly figures. However, we do see where they're coming from to a certain extent—the tan lines are not ideal in this suit style.

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