You Don't Have To Be A Guy To Craft the Perfect Promposal

If you're worried about whether you're going to get asked to prom this year, why not take matters into your own hands? Guys might still be expected to ask the girls, but times are changing, so come up with a promposal plan and just do it! Get some inspiration from these promposal videos where the girls make the first move and ask the guys.

A good promposal needs a theme. May's crush Kenny Schmitt couldn't resist this James Bond-themed setup.

Love video games? Incorporate them into your special promposal, like this Minecraft fan, Jill, did.

Or you can get some celeb help. Becky G heped a fan, Kailyn, ask her boyfriend to prom using her cheer skills.

Elena channeled her inner Taylor Swift and coordinated an entire flash mob to ask a boy to prom!

If you get the entire school and a totally elaborate setup involved in your promposal, you're guaranteed to win his heart.

Or, if you're too shy to ask yourself, try convincing your fav YouTube star to ask on your behalf!

The more people you involve in your promposal, the better (particularly if they include Jack Sparrow, Shrek, Captain America and various Transformers)

A promposal doesn't have to be super extravagant. This super cute Star Wars-themed by lilisimply gets right to the point.

You can even ask a celebrity to prom if you're daring enough. 

(BTW, Big Time Rush singer James Maslow couldn't make it to Hannah's prom, but he did take her to Disneyland!)

hannah goes with james maslow to disneyland after her promposal

(via Parade)

Inspired to start brainstorming your own promposal? Good luck! Tell us all about it in the comments!