6 Female Artists We Can't WAIT to Hear More From in 2019

2018 was a major year for music.

So many of our favorite artists released new material, but as we head into the tail end of the year, it's time to start thinking about who we'd love to see more of in the coming months. Below are the ladies showing serious promise for a bangin' 2019.

Hanne Mjøen

This adorable up-and-coming pop singer's latest bop "Sounds Good to Me" is one that simply can't slide under your radar. Each single she's released so far marks another chapter on her journey in a way that's fun and relatable, all set to glittering synths you can't help but dance to.



As our former #WCW, you know how obsessed we are with BAUM. This indie pop goddess released her first EP Ungodly this year and we were beyond blown away. Her soulful vocals and electronic beats really kick up on tracks like "Dream Girl" and "Hot Water." 2019 is going to be her year, we can feel it.



This 24-year-old, New York-based artist blends many styles of music together so seamlessly we're shocked that more people haven't hopped on the train yet. With just a handful of songs out, she showcases her Korean-American upbringing by weaving the Korean language into her hip-hop-style beats. In addition to being a producer, she's also an incredible visual artist. Her passion bleeds through into everything that she does and we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for her.


Amber Mark

This stunning R&B artist has a voice like velvet and an affinity for infectious beats. Her debut "3:33 AM" was written and self-produced after her mother's passing. Although it was a deep and painful subject for her, she managed to use that passion to create earworms like "Lose My Cool" and "S P A C E." After hearing this therapeutic, gorgeous and truly powerful work of art, we cannot wait for the possibility of a full-length album in 2019.


Luna Shadows

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Luna Shadows' specific brand of electro-pop oozes California warmth with just a touch of darkness. Her unique and addicting sound always keeps us coming back for more. Although she only released a couple songs in 2018, we're hopeful that 2019 will be filled with more jams like "Waves" and "Hallelujah California." We also have to mention her slowed-down, dreamy cover of Dua Lipa's "Be The One" that will probably be stuck in our heads the rest of our lives.


Gatlin James

As the sister half of our new favorite brother-sister pop duo, Gatlin James is a gal we're keeping a very close eye on in 2019. Cooper & Gatlin's debut single "Break" is the breakup song we didn't know we needed until it burst on the scene and into our lives a few months back. As the lead vocalist, she continues to deliver impressive range in addition to her killer style. We were even floored by their lovely acoustic version of the track released just a few weeks ago. Those boots in the video below are everything.


If you haven't realized by now, we have many girl crushes. These ladies are obviously ones to watch in 2019, but we also can't forget about our fave country girl RaeLynn, too!