Meet the Wendiceratops: Why Girls Run the World

It's Friday, which means we're back yet again with with the week's biggest news about how girls are changing the world. This week is all about regular girls doing truly amazing things, from breaking down barriers to hunting dinosaurs!

Did you know that stuffed animals aren't allowed in the operating room? That rule might change thanks to scientific research by 12-year-old Gaby Zane, who discovered that just putting a stuffed animal through the washer and dryer kills most of the bacteria (and makes them extra soft and fluffy). She'll be making recovery from surgery a lot more pleasant for kids everywhere.

gaby zane stuffed animals in operating rooms

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Madeline Stuart is proof that being yourself is beautiful. The 18-year-old model, who has Down syndrome, recently became the the new face of everMaya. We love that she's opening up people's minds about people with disabilities!

madline stuary evermaya model with down syndrome

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16-year-old Autumn Veatch was flying in a small plane from Montana to Washington when the plane crashed into the mountains. Thanks to the knowledge she gained by watching survival shows, she fiercely navigated through the wilderness on her own until she found her way to safety. Who said TV never saved a life?

autumn veatch survives plane crash

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Wendy Sloboda is one of the top dinosaur hunters in the world, and her name's going to get a lot more famous because a brand new dino, the Wendiceratops pinhornensis, has been named after her and it's our new fave.

wendiceratops pinhornenhis named after dinosaur hunter wendy slobada

(via IB Times)

If you know shoes, you know Steve Madden. Now his 7-year-old daughter, Stevie Madden, is getting into the business with her own line at Target and we want EVERY PAIR.

7 year old stevie madden has her own shoe line at target

(via Footwear News)

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