This Week In Why Girls Run the World: Icons Edition

Every week, we round up the biggest news about the change women are making around the world and put it in one easy place for your enjoyment. Check out the latest stories and get inspired!

After Miss Piggy won the a Sackler Center First Award for her work as a feminist last week, she released an essay about why it's important. She said being a feminist is about working hard to make your place in the world, and we love that Piggy strives for her life to be more than "mud, sweat and tears." You go, girl!

miss piggy this week in why girls run the world feminist award and essay

(via Newsweek)

The Washington Post released an article this week about Ariana Grande's late aunt, Judy Grande, a journalist who broke the glass ceiling as a reporter. She was nominated for a Pulitzer in 1980 and became president of the National Press Club in 1990. We can definitely see why she's been such a hero to Ariana!

this week in girl power ariana grande aunt judy

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YouTube makeup guru NikkieTutorials recently made a video demonstrating the power of makeup, and it's gone totally viral. There's nothing wrong with loving makeup and doing your makeup for YOU.

Zendaya digs deep and reveals her cultural roots in a video she made with her parents for Immigrant Heritage Month. It's so important to embrace your heritage, and we love that she's all about sharing with us.

Our favorite trio of superheroines is almost back. We can't wait to see Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup in the Powerpuff Girls reboot, which is sure to put a modern twist on the classic.

the powerpuff girls reboot this week in why girls run the world

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Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" broke the billion view mark on YouTube this week. There are only 3 vids with a  billion views, so it's a pretty big deal.

We're going to see the power of women no matter who wins the 2015 World Cup Team, but can we just express how cool it is that the U.S. Women soccer team is doing SO WELL? Go team U.S.A.!

this week in girl power usa womens soccer

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At the Step Up Inspiration Awards, actress and director Elizabeth Banks talked about her recent visit to the Gertz-Ressler charter school where she spoke to students about their dreams, and the stereotypes that sometimes limit them. Strong words from a strong lady.

elizabeth banks speech this week in why girls run the world

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Let us know if we missed anything and we might just include it in next week's coverage!