You NEED Gisou's New Honey Infused Scalp Treatment

Calling all beauty junkies! Gisou has officially launched its latest product—the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment!

We don't know about you, but we've personally tried and loved every single Gisou product. Known for its inclusion of Mirsalehi honey, the scalp treatment is no different! This formula also includes honey, which has proven to have many incredible benefits for hair health. Continue below for everything you need to know about Gisou's new Honey Infused Scalp Treatment!

When it comes to hair health, it's hard to decide what price is fair and worth it. But with the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment, we think $48 sounds just right. It has a formula including Mirsalehi honey, Mirsalehi bee garden oil, ectoine, botanical complex, prebiotic complex, organic rice protein and celery seed extract, so you can rest assured knowing you'll be left with one healthy scalp. Together, the ingredients work to nourish, hydrate, balance and replenish the scalp, all while stopping redness, itching and flaking in its tracks.


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Typically, most of us turn to hair oils, shampoos and conditioners to better our hair health, but did you know it all really starts at the root (literally) of the problem—the scalp? Treating your scalp will ensure your locks look and feel good, which is why we're so excited that Gisou finally launched a product with that sole focus.

Everyone has a scalp microbiome, which is essentially the things "living" in your scalp. We know—that sounds incredibly gross, but it's normal! From natural bacteria to microorganisms, keeping this barrier in tip-top shape is vital to our overall hair health.


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Another interesting thing to note about scalps is that there are various "types," just as we each have unique skin types. From dry to oily, combination and normal, each scalp type can be treated with Gisou's Honey Infused Scalp Treatment. Even if your scalp looks and feels completely normal, that does not mean you should avoid it. After all, you wouldn't do that with your skin, would you?

Whether you deal with oily hair on the reg or tend to itch at your scalp, trust us when we say this new product from Gisou will completely transform your hair health. All you need to do is apply the formula in your hairline in roughly one-inch intervals, ensuring it's evenly dispersed across your entire scalp. Massage it in so that it's thoroughly distributed and leave it in overnight so that the formula can do its work.


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When you wake up, rinse your hair and you'll be left feeling brand-new! It's recommended to use this twice a week if you deal with recurring irritation, and twice a month to deal with overall hair health.

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