We Made Our Own Version of GlamGlow's Glitter Mask

GlamGlow has long since owned the skincare game with their collection of mask treatments.

Everyone from including Lucy Hale and Maddie Ziegler, to beauty gurus including grav3yardgirl and Manny Mua are obsessed with the brand's products.

Recently, GlamGlow released a Glitter Mask that took Instagram by storm.

A firming treatment mud mask with a ton of glitter, you can't help but blurt out "I need that" the second you see someone wearing it.

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When I saw it pop up on my Insta feed, I immediately clicked the link to purchase it. But when I saw the whopping $69 price tag, I quickly closed the tab.

I'm a relatively cheap person. I don't like spending too much money on anything, especially any sort of skincare or makeup product. The only two things I'm willing to blindly spend my money on are food and concert tickets.

Feeling defeated, I decided I would attempt to make my own version of the glitter mask.

I traveled on down to my local CVS, where I picked up a $10 peel-off charcoal mask. Because I'm a glitter addict, I already knew I had some spare body glitter lying around that I could use for the mask.

DIY glitter mask ingredients

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke)

I mixed a little bit of the charcoal mask with a generous amount of glitter. The more sparkles, the better.

I was pleasantly surprised by how shimmery my mask looked once I finished blending it together.

DIY glitter mask mixture

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke)

Using one of my unicorn makeup brushes (because, duh!), I applied the mask to my face.

I couldn't handle how well it actually turned out. Look at me, I am thriving!

Girl wearing DIY glitter mask

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke)

Removing it was a total breeze. Once it was completely dried after 30 minutes, I peeled it right off. I washed off what was left behind and that was that.

The mask worked relatively well, too. My skin truly felt purified after removing it. Though I do imagine GlamGlow's Glitter Mask to work a little bit better than my makeshift one, I'm not convinced I need it. After all, I did make my very own for way less than the original.


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