Get to Know the Woman Behind the Lisa Frank Makeup Collection

ICYMI, last week, Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls Makeup made a very big announcement: A Lisa Frank makeup collection is in the works.

The nostalgic and whimsical brand and Glamour Dolls Makeup have started a Kickstarter collab that will fund this colorful project and we cannot wait.

Because we lack patience when it comes to a beauty collaboration as monumental as this one, we've reached out to co-founder of Glamour Dolls Makeup, Jessica Romano, for the inside scoop on the collection that will quite literally make childhood dreams come true.

Scroll below to find out how the company got its start and what exactly we can expect with this magical new line.

Sweety High: What first inspired you to start Glamour Dolls?

Jessica Romano: I'm a makeup artist and certified beauty junkie. Something we all know is cosmetics are expensive. I did some research and found the most big name brands were charging 10 times what it cost to manufacture these products. On top of that, they were still testing on animals and I wanted to do better. The good news is, we did do better. I'm more proud of that than anything. Everything in our line, even our Lisa Frank collab, is under $5. We are also both cruelty-free and vegan.


SH: How did this collaboration with Lisa Frank come about?

JR: I had this crazy idea, and when I told my business partner Peter, he didn't laugh at me—he said let's make a game plan. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak directly to Lisa and pitch her my ideas. She really loved our story and once she tried the makeup, she was on board! Lisa is a little powerhouse. She inspired me when I was a young girl and watching her in action has continued to awaken my creativity and passion as a grown woman.


SH: How did Kandee Johnson get involved?

JR: Lisa had actually met Kandee and she was a huge Lisa Frank fan. So when we were discussing different ways to announce the Kickstarter campaign, Lisa brought up Kandee's name and we thought it couldn't be more perfect.


SH: Other than what we've seen from your description on Kickstarter, can you give us any hints for what you hope to create or what we can expect with this line?

JR: I can tell you the formulations are awesome! I've been using the liquid eyeliner for the last three months and it's my favorite. Also, with the highlighter we are trying something a little different. Think of it as a highlighter-to-go almost! Ahh I just can't wait. I can tell you this… there will be even more products to unlock on Kickstarters. So keep backing it everyone, because the best has yet to come!


SH: Why are you most excited for this collab?

JR: I really love that we are making the customers a part of it, because at the end of the day, it's all about them. Lisa's fans are kind, sweet, full of positive energy and happy to be a part of the story. It's been really fun so far.


SH: What's your Lisa Frank spirit animal?

JR: 100% Ballerina Bunny with her girlfriends and flower crown!


SH: What sets you apart from other vegan makeup brands?

JR: I think our fair prices. When you shop for vegan beauty they tend to be more expensive. Our under $5 price point makes this an affordable option for people who want to do the right thing but can't always afford to.


Want to know more about this makeup line's Kickstarter campaign? Check out all the details HERE!