13 Memes You'll Find Totally Relatable If You Wear Glasses

While some experiences are a universal part of being human, others are only shared by those of us who wear glasses.

If you wear glasses every day, we bet you'll find the following memes totally relatable.

Still, we get asked this all the time:


The oddest five minutes of our lives:


Can it be both?

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We're not even sure anything below the first line is real letters:

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Some people get way cuter with glasses—we just have to hope we're in that group:

Perfect vision sounds made up:


Some people have no sense:

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We totally understand how people didn't recognize Superman without his glasses:


You look ridiculous, but at least you're in a dark room:


What else could this mean?

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There's no magical cure for nearsightedness:


We don't just wear glasses to look awesome:


We need our glasses to do everything:


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